Monday, November 14, 2005

The Right to Dissent in The Only Democracy in the Middle East

In case the title of this post left anyone in doubt, for the purpose of this post, The Only Democracy in the Middle East refers to the State of Israel.

From Ha'aretz:
The Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday rejected a request by Judea and Samaria police to deport four foreign activists in Hebron accused of obstructing police and Israel Defense Forces operations... they have been involved in protests against the construction of Jewish settlements in the region and against the settlers' treatment of Palestinian residents in neighboring towns.

Judge Rafi Strauss criticized police for its treatment of the activists and for placing them under arrest. The judge instructed the activists to distance themselves from Tel Rumeida for ten days.

I wonder where Judge Strauss was when 14 year old girls were put in prison for over a month for protesting the expulsion of 10,000+ Jews, the destruction of those communities, and the handing over of the land to the sworn enemy of the Jewish State and People?

Why is it that Judge Strauss in particular, and Israel's judicial system in general, care more about the rights of the enemies of the Jewish People and State than they do for the rights of those who only seek to strengthen the connection of the Jewish People to their Land and heritage?



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