Sunday, November 13, 2005

Confusion in Zion

There has been much speculation as to what ramifications Amir Peretz's wresting away control of the Labor party would have on the Israeli political map. Well, it looks like we may have some early indications that can be summed up in a word - madness - that has struck at both the left and the "right". (Courtesy of Jerusalem Post):
"The Arabs will not be ruled out of any coalition," Peretz said during an interview with Channel 2. "If an Arab agrees to be a minister in the government, it would decrease tensions in the country. I think a Jewish majority must do everything so that the minority feels good, because a majority must justify its presence as a majority by treating the minority well."
I am afraid that Amir Peretz believes a bit too much in his Socialist values and not enough in his Jewish ones.

I have no doubt that if Israel were to allow Israeli Arabs to serve as ministers in the government that it would go a long way to making them "feel good", but that would only come at the expense of the Jewish People and State, as only a fool could believe that the interests of the Arabs of Israel have anything in common with that of the Jewish People or State.

There is a big difference between treating a minority respectfully, allowing them to live a dignified life, and giving them the keys to your home.

As I see it, the #1 criteria for allowing minorities (non-Jews) to live in Israel is their loyalty to Israel as a Jewish State and their forswearing any national aspirations that would threaten the existence of the Jewish State. If someone can't agree to that, then there is no room for him / her in the State of Israel, as they are declaring themselves as enemies of the Jewish People and State.

As for the "right", the hypocrisy and confusion is astounding:
The comment aroused the ire of several MK’s, including Likud faction chairman Gideon Sa'ar, who said that Peretz's statement exposed "extremist plans."

"Peretz's intent to set up a coalition with Arab, anti-Zionist parties symbolizes the fall of Zionism and morality in the Labor Party, which would want to set up a government with Ahmed Tibi and Azmi Bishara," Sa'ar said, listing two Arab MK’s.

Now, I must be fair and mention that Gideon Sa'ar was one of the "Likud Rebels", who went against the Prime Minister and Likud Chairman, Ariel Sharon, and voted against the expulsion of Jews and destruction of the Jewish communities of Gaza and the Shomron. However, all that being said, the Likud is the embodiment of all that Sa'ar is blaming Peretz and Labor of being:

"Extremist Plans" - Throwing 10,000 Jews out of their homes, destroying Jewish communities at the hands of the IDF and handing over the land to our enemies seems to be pretty extreme to me.

"...intent to set up a coalition with Arab, anti-Zionist parties symbolizes the fall of Zionism..." - That may be true, but wasn't the Likud guilty of this when they brought Labor into the government, and pushed the expulsion plan through on the backs of the anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox parties?

Not to mention that we see the utter hypocrisy of the "Right", who claim to believe in Israel being a Jewish and Democratic state, yet oppose having Arabs serve as Ministers in the government - what's the big deal, are they not equal citizens of the State of Israel?

Let's be honest with ourselves here. We can't be both good Jews and good democrats, one must take precedence over the other.

Amir Peretz has made his decision, Gideon Sa'ar and the rest of the Likud are confused lot, what will the rest of Israel decide?


The direction that we seem to be going is...well, I don't know. But my heart tells me that we are being brought to the realization that neither the "right" nor the "left" will save Israel, and therefore statements like this:

"...pushed the expulsion plan through on the backs of the anti-Zionist Ultra-Orthodox parties"

are not very helpful.

As religious Jews, we must realize that only Moshiach is going to get us out of our present mess, except, perhaps [we can dream, can't we?] the entire "right" and religious groups in Israel unite.

And I mean ALL: from Moledet, Techiya, Tekumah, Shas, Aguda, Degel HaTorah, Mafdal, Chardal, Ichud Leumi, Tzomet, Likud Loyalists, Baruch Marzel, etc. etc. Put all these together as ONE party - they could easily control the Knesset and bring about a real success to Israel. But then, that sounds like Moshiach's time, doesn't it?

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