Thursday, November 10, 2005

When it comes to Islam, the world just doesn't get it...

With the riots in France beginning to subside (with only 394 vehicles destroyed on Wednesday night, compared with Sunday's peak of 1,400), in large part due to the use of collective punishment - in this case, the imposition of curfew in the troubled areas - President Chirac began reflecting on the cause of the riots and what steps must be taken to prevent them from happening again (BBC):
"We will have to draw all the consequences of this crisis, once the time comes and order has been restored, and with a lot of courage and lucidity," Mr. Chirac said in Paris.

"We need to respond in a strong and quick way to the undeniable problems which many inhabitants of the deprived neighborhoods surrounding our cities are facing."

Here is a list that shows that almost every on-going conflict in the world has at its heart Muslims who are unwilling to live at peace with their neighbors. (We can now add France to the list).

For those of us keeping score at home, the riots were the fault of the French for not having created a more equal, tolerant society.

Why should we let that get in the way that the vast majority of the rioters were Muslims, who do not have exclusive license over having complaints about French society? That wouldn't be very tolerant, now would it?

As opposed to recognizing that these riots were far from spontaneous, but were encouraged by Muslim leaders throughout France, France will apologize for not having been tolerant enough.

When will the world wake up?


Yeah, I published a mock open-letter to the French people from the Muslims over at my blog mocking the situation.

By Blogger Tovya @ Zion Report, at Thu Nov 10, 07:18:00 PM GMT+2  

>> Dateline Paris:
>> AP and UPI reported today that the French government announced that it
>> has raised its terror alert level from "Run" to "Hide."
>> The only two higher levels in France are "Collaborate" and "Surrender".
>> The raise was precipitated by a recent fire which destroyed France's
>> white flag factory, thereby disabling its military.

By Blogger Hillel, at Fri Nov 11, 03:22:00 PM GMT+2  

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