Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Help! I've been infected by the Mesorah Bug

Just when I thought I had gotten over my last infection, namely the Meme-7, another bug pops up to infect me.

This bug, which I will call the Mesorah Bug, is deceptively innocent looking, but don't let its 1st appearance fool you. The way the Mesorah Bug works is a blogger, in this instance, Joe Settler, begins a post on a certain idea, and then hands this idea over to someone else, in this case Jameel from The Muqata, who must continue the thread, finding something new to add to it, hence, the name Mesorah Bug, as it gets passed on from one blogger to the next, with each one responsible for ensuring the faithful transmission of the original idea while finding something new of their own to add to the mix.

Here is the idea that started the Mesorah Bug (courtesy of Ha'aretz, an expert in its own right of spreading infection):
The Jewish public's pessimism can apparently be ascribed to the state of affairs today, which leads an overwhelming majority of 74 percent to expect that even if Israel withdraws from all the territories beyond the Green Line and the occupation ends, Palestinian violence will not stop and may even intensify.

So much has already been said between Joe and Jameel, but I will try to add my own 2 cents.

I do not believe that Jews (and Jewish Israeli’s in particular) are a stupid people. I believe, as this study shows, the vast majority of Jews in Israel are thinking very clearly and rationally. The problem lies in the fact that the leadership of Israel, the elite in the Knesset, Supreme Court and media aren't interested in what the Jewish People want. They are seeking to fulfill their own ultra-secular agenda, and as there is no accountability in any of those 3 spheres the people get taken along for the ride.

This study reminds me of a similar study which found that More Israeli Jews favor transfer of Palestinians, Israeli Arabs that was totally ignored by the powers-that-be.

I do believe that it is a matter of time before the Jewish People will be blessed with a leader who will be able to reflect their will and restore the Jewish People and State to their former glory.

****Cosmic X****, you’ve just been infected with the Mesorah Bug, if you're up to it.


Here it is, Ze'ev.

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