Monday, August 07, 2006

ISRAEL @ WAR: A Not So Happy Birthday

Yesterday, the 12th day of the month of Av, was my birthday.

Yesterday, on my birthday, there was little rejoicing - for the second year in a row.

Yesterday, 15 of my brothers were killed in Hezbollah missile strikes against the Jewish State, in northern Israel, as the Jewish State finds herself fighting a two-front war against her enemies in the north and south.

Last year, on the 12th of Av, the destruction of the Jewish communities of Gush Katif began.

Last year, I took upon myself an oath not to fully celebrate my birthday until the Jewish People return to Gush Katif.

Unfortunately, it wasn't too difficult keeping that oath this year.

Maybe next year will be better year for the Jewish People; a year in which the Jewish People will dwell proudly and securely throughout the Land of Israel; a year in which the enemies of the Jewish People will have true fear of the Living G-d of Israel...

A year in which I will have something to truly celebrate on my birthday - together, with the rest of the Jewish People.

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May future birthdays bring much happiness

By Blogger Jewish Blogmeister, at Mon Aug 07, 08:09:00 PM GMT+3  

soo depressing for your family

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Tue Aug 08, 03:08:00 AM GMT+3  

That is lousy to associate your birthday with only the negative.

By Anonymous daaty, at Tue Aug 08, 03:08:00 AM GMT+3  

I do not feel sorry for your loved ones simply because there are hundreds of innocent people killed by those whom you lost!

By Anonymous nina, at Fri Aug 11, 01:05:00 AM GMT+3  

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