Monday, July 31, 2006

ISRAEL @ WAR: Take your "morality" and shove it

How nice it must be to live in the ivory tower that is Europe.

A world where there is never a need to resort to violence, and where peace, tolerance & respect rule the day.

And, how fortunate are we, those living in the Jewish State, to have our European friends to enlighten us and encourage us in how we may raise ourselves up from our primitive existence and approach to life.

Irish refused bombs sent to Prestwick airport

Bombs destined to be used by Israel are being flown via Scotland only because the Irish government refused to allow them to land on its soil. Scotland on Sunday can reveal that after the conflict in Lebanon began three weeks ago, Ireland turned down a United States request for planes carrying 600lb so-called bunker busters to refuel at Shannon airport in Co Clare...

One Irish official said that the bombs would never have been allowed on Irish soil.

The source said: "There is absolutely no way that we would allow munitions or weapons to be shipped through Shannon to a location where there is an actual war going on. We would not allow it. It is correct that we allow the US to transport troops to Shannon, but sending bombs to Israel is another matter and completely out of the question for us."

Opposition critics last night seized on the situation. Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond said: "It is highly significant that Shannon put its foot down and drew back from allowing the transport of bunker busters, which could become the tinder to escalate dramatically the Middle East conflict."

He added: "It is absolutely appalling that we should allow Prestwick to become a stopover to death and destruction."

Heaven forbid that Ireland (or any other European country) should be seen even remotely assisting the Jewish State's war on a terror organization; an organization that has been in flagrant violation of UN Resolution 1559; an organization that has fired over a thousand missiles into heavily populated areas within the Jewish State; and an organization that fortifies itself within Lebanese population centers, thus violating International Human Rights law.

How immoral it would be for Ireland or any other European country to assist Israel in their war against such terror organization!

But, in all honesty, it was to be expected.

In 1973, during the Yom Kippur War, when Egypt and Syria launched a surprise attack against the Jewish State, virtually every European country (with the exception of Denmark) refused to allow U.S. planes shipping vital arms to the Jewish State to land and refuel within their borders - with France and Britain leading this movement towards Arab appeasement - one must assume that this position came out of Europe's strong "moral" clarity, and had nothing to do with OPEC's threat to cut-off oil to any country who would not sell-out the Jewish State.

One must also presume that it was in the name of Europe's high "moral" convictions, that during WWII, the Allies refused to use their bombs to destroy Auschwitz or the railroad tracks leading to the death camp - having seemingly deemed it to be too unethical (whereas, in the name of "morality", the Allies (particularly the British) used their bombs to destroy the entire German city of Dresden, killing 25,000 German civilians).

Where would the world (and the Jewish State, in particualr) be without the beacon of "truth" and "morality" that is Europe?

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I never thought I'd say this to a post you wrote- but,


(I just wrote something similar actually. Well, rude about my former compatriots.)

By Blogger tafka PP, at Mon Jul 31, 07:32:00 PM GMT+3  

PP, I guess the war really has brought everyone closer together!

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon Jul 31, 09:26:00 PM GMT+3  

Europe will become the biggest threat to Democracy in the second half of the 21st century.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Aug 06, 06:01:00 PM GMT+3  

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