Thursday, July 27, 2006

ISRAEL @ WAR: It's a Little Bit Ironic...

Consider the irony within the following two phenomena:

1) Throughout the duration of the Terror War, launched by the "Palestinians" in September 2000, Jerusalem, the ancient and eternal capitol of the Jewish People; the very same Jerusalem to which the Jewish People direct all of their prayers; and to which, for 2,000 years every Jew hoped and yearned to return to; was utterly abandoned by many Israelis, who would not even consider visiting Jerusalem, deeming it to be "too dangerous".

Isn't it ironic, that today, tens of thousands of Israelis, under threat from rocket attacks in the north, have finally rerurned to Jerusalem, designating the Jewish capitol as their safe haven.

If I forget thee O'Jerusalem...

(Hat Tip: Mike)

2) During the "disengagement" that took place a year ago, this past summer, the majority of Israelis went on with their normal, daily routine.

As 10,000+ Jews were being expelled from their homes; left jobless; homeless - forced to live in caravans; without access to many of the comforts of their former homes; separated from their communities - from friends and loved ones; left to suffer the emotional trauma of having their lives destroyed, not knowing what the future held in store for them - the daily routine of the average Israeli continued on, like clockwork.

Isn't it ironic that today, just one year later, nearly one million Israelis in the north of Israel are separated from their homes - either staying in bomb shelters (or near them), or having left their homes altogether seeking refuge in "safer" parts of the country; without access to many of the comforts of their homes; virtually unemployed, as many businesses in the north have been shutdown indefinitley; separated from their communities; suffering the emotional trauma of not knowing what tomorrow will bring or when they will be able to return to their homes.

Or maybe it's just another one of those funny coincidences...

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There is a letter circulating now from a resident of Haifa asking for forgivenss.

I am from the holy city of Tzfat. I am staying in Efrat

We must be very careful to use our words to unite the Jewish people, not to say "I told you so" (even though it might be so tempting).

Am Yisrael Chai. May we all do what we're supposed to be doing to bring mashich now.

Shabbat Shalom!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Fri Jul 28, 12:26:00 PM GMT+3  

you claim Islam is going to war on the west in one of your are truly ignorant!... certain factions of Islam are terrorists...islam as a whole is not...on the other hand..witnessing Israels ignoble and cowardly attacks on Lebanese civilians is truly criminal and ... unholy. Your nation is unheroic and weakhearted. You are part of the problem. Be careful with your words fool!

By Anonymous peter sampson, at Sun Jul 30, 03:23:00 PM GMT+3  

The Hizbullah hide among the civilians! They are not honorable fighters! It happens in my country and in many other countries who have Islamic extremists. I think it is laughable that so many people judge the actions of the Israeli army when they've NEVER experienced how it is to be under constant threat in their comfortable and spoiled 1st world existence. YOU are the ignorant ones! My government has made difficult decisons of the same nature in the past because there is no diplomacy with terrorists. Piece of advice, don't rely on the pictures you see on CNN or BBC to give you the picture, be smart enough to do your own research, AND THEN form an opinion. Journalism these days is about sensationalizing what will get the most reaction. And like morons you are all falling for it.

By Anonymous Mariless Villamar, at Sun Jul 30, 08:41:00 PM GMT+3  

Can Jews object to at least the ideal of a truly multicultural state? Is the ideal of people living democratically, and in peace and harmony, not one that we all should strive for? Is opposition to it not 'racist' almost by definition? Is the idea of a Jewish state not in opposition to the West's most modern, enlightened , and forward-looking ideals?

I write 'racist' because that is the racist word used by those who purposely ignore, or perhaps are ignorant of, law and custom concerning membership in the Jewish people; even so, the thrust of the word is correct. Jews on the whole do not accept for Israel, even as an ideal, the vision of a perfect multi-cultural democracy. Even if the whole world became as ideal as Judt imagines it soon becoming, the Jews would continue making extraordinary efforts to remain a people apart, culturally dominant in a state of their very own. Their efforts flow from, and are in support of, that special status they claim as theirs alone. That status is not 'just' in the ordinary sense of the word, and cannot be justified by ordinary criteria. Justification must transcend ordinary criteria--as does that of being divinely chosen.

A substantial number of Jews ardently subscribe to the ideals put forward in Judt's paper--so much so that they would risk their lives following his solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict. These people cannot be simply dismissed as self-hating Jews. Indeed, they take special pride in the fact that these ideals are clearly stamped with Jewish morality, and feel that their stand expresses the very essence of their culture.

They are not anti-Semitic, but they are anti-Juditic. For along with their special pride, they are embarrassed and repelled by what they perceive as their tribe's archaic, outmoded, superstitious, arrogant, and 'racist', belief in its divine election. As a consequence, in their hearts there is no truly just or otherwise compelling reason--one which transcends considerations of amity, brotherly love, good-will to all, et cetera, or reverence for martyrs, past and present, let alone mere pride and sentiment--for their tribe to survive

By Anonymous halfbreed, at Tue Aug 01, 11:12:00 PM GMT+3  

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