Sunday, August 06, 2006

ISRAEL @ WAR: We're losing this war

With a UN resolotion calling for a ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah expected in the immediate future, slowly but surely, Israel finds itself falling short of achieving any of the objectives that it had hoped to achieve in this war.

1) The destruction of Hezbollah.

Not going to happen.

The upper echelon of Hezbollah remains very much intact, and there is no reason to beleive that they will change their stripes anytime soon, particulalry since it seems that in any ceasefire agreement that will be reached, Israel will agree to retreat from the Shaba Farms (Har Dov) region, which Hezbollah will most definitley point to as a victory.

2) The disarmament of Hezbollah.


To date, hezbollah has fired over 4,000 rockets / missles into the Jewish State, and they show no sign of letting up. Not to mention that there is no reason to expect Syria and Iran not to re-supply Hezbollah at the very first chance they have.

3) Eliminating the rocket / missle threat against the Jewish State.

See above.

We are in the 4th week of the war, and the IDF has not found a way to stop the rocket / missle attacks against the Jewish State. Hezbollah has fired over 4,000 rockets / missles into the Jewish State, of late, firing on average 200+ rockets a day, forcing the one million Israelis of the north to either flee their homes for the relative "safety" of central Israel, or to live in (or near) bomb shelters.

4) Israel's refusal to agree to the deployment of any peacekeeping force between Israel and Lebanon.

Not only is there going to be a peacekeeping force, but it is going to be made up of troops from Iran loving France, from Hezbollah loving Lebanon and from Jew loving Germany!

5) Israel's absolute refusual to accept any peacekeeping force that has anything to do with the UN.

Israel has lifted its demand for the deployment of a new multinational force in southern Lebanon and agreed that UNIFIL, the United Nations force already in place, would oversee the cease-fire...

Initially Israel opposed the expansion of UNIFIL's role and asked that it be replaced, arguing that to date its performance was poor and its troops did not prevent terrorist attacks.

Political sources in Jerusalem said Saturday night that Israel received assurances through diplomatic channels that UNIFIL will be bolstered by quality troops from France.

I guess the Israeli leadership has a short memory.

Perhaps, it's all Israel's fault for not doing anything about Hezbollah's stockpiling of weapons over the last six years since they withdrew (retreated) from southern Lebanon. I mean, did we really expect the UN to disarm Hezbollah, as UN Resolotion 1559 called for?

And the French? C'mon, they were just joking about Iran being a "great country" and a "stabilizing force in the region".

5) Israel certainly will not give up on their demand for the release of the IDF soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev.

Sorry boys. Really. It just doesn't seem to be in the cards right now.

But don't lose hope, sooner rather than later, the government of Israel will likely agree to release a bunch of terrorists with blood on their hands in order to secure their release.

True, the government of Israel has said that there would be no negotiations, but as we have seen, Israel has said lots of things that it didn't really mean.

6) Israel will not withdraw from the Shaba Farms (Har Dov) region - an area that, as part of UN Reslotion 1559, the UN confirmed that Lebanon had absolutley no legal claim to - as doing so could only be perceived as a victory for Hezbollah (and Iran) over Israel.

See above (#1).

It seems that the US, the EU, and just about everyone else who has a say on the matter says otherwise.


On the bright side, perhaps it might be best for Israel to not "win" this war, since Israel's PM Ehud Olmert has made it clear that a victory in this war will only lead to the implementation of his "convergence" plan.

“I’ll surprise you. I genuinely believe that the outcome of the present [conflict] and the emergence of a new order that will provide more stability and will defeat the forces of terror will help create the necessary environment that will allow me… to create a new momentum between us and the Palestinians.”

Thank G-d for the small victories.

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By Anonymous Daniel, at Sun Aug 06, 05:42:00 PM GMT+3  

Israel is losing this war because it doesn't fight. You can't win a war without massive bombardements, you have to be willing to destroy whole cities and kill 10.000th of people. If not, find another solution and stay home. Besides, there are no innocent citizens in Libanon, they supported Hezbollah, or did nothing about it.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wed Aug 09, 05:43:00 PM GMT+3  

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