Sunday, December 04, 2005

The bright side of the Sharon - Peres union...

Of late, the Israeli media has been falling all over itself to try and show how all the polls are pointing to a landslide victory for Ariel Sharon and his new Kadima party.

In particular, the media has been stressing how the newly formed union between Sharon and Shimon Peres is going to earn the party more votes.

As I see it, Shimon Peres joining Ariel Sharon and Kadima was the best thing that could have happened for those who still believe that Israel should exist as a Jewish State (last I checked, there are still a few of us left).


Check out Kadima's latest campaign slogan (Courtesy of Ha'aretz):
"A vote for Sharon is a vote for Peres"

Let's not forget, that Shimon "Oslo Accords" Peres has never won an election, and is Israel's ultimate loser.

If there was ever proof that Sharon was bad for the Jewish State of Israel and the Jewish People, this is as good as it gets:
"I asked Shimon Peres to pick any job he wants," Sharon told a news conference in Jerusalem with Peres by his side. "Shimon can fulfill any post, I believe with great success. Regardless of the job Shimon picks, it is crystal clear he will be a full and central partner in the diplomatic process."

The average Israeli / Jewish voter is not stupid. They can read between the lines and understand that this new partnership represents a second coming of the Oslo Accords, and I don't expect this to be lost on the Israeli voter, who has been smart enough to reject Shimon Peres and his ultra left-wing ideology every time they have had the chance.



I found this line disturbing:

"The average Israeli / Jewish voter is not stupid"

Is that to imply that the average Israeli-Arab voter is stupid?


By Anonymous H, at Sun Dec 04, 02:35:00 PM GMT+2  

No, it wasn't meant to imply that. However, I can't just write Israeli when I want to refer to Jews who live in Israel, and I can't just say Jews, b/c not all Jews live in israel, so I need to make that distinction...

And, i also do not believe that the Israeli Arab voter is stupid - he keeps having babies knowing full well that their children will grow up and help trun Israel into Palestine by merely continuing to vote and have babies - all on my (and your) Shekel...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Sun Dec 04, 02:43:00 PM GMT+2  

I wrote that whole post on Sharon & Kadima winning big... yet I'll agree that Peres does nothing for him.

By Blogger Ezzie, at Mon Dec 05, 05:17:00 AM GMT+2  

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