Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Adding Insult to Injury - IDF Style - Part Two - UPDATED

The IDF has recently joined the Government of Israel in the new national pastime of kicking the Jews expelled from Gush Katif while they're down (See Part One here).
In violation of promises made to the families of the deceased persons exhumed from graves in Gush Katif for reburial in Israel, the senior officers of the IDF Chief Rabbinate posed for photographs during the exhumation, and the pictures have since appeared on several Internet sites...

One of the photographs shows senior Rabbinate officers smiling for the camera, with coffins and open graves in the background, Israel Radio said.

(CLICK HERE to see the pictures)
Meanwhile, families of fallen IDF soldiers whose bodies were relocated from the Gaza Strip after the disengagement are being prevented from adding anything to the gravestones that mentions Gush Katif.

In an informal conversation with ministry officials, the families' legal representative, Mordechai Mintzer, was told that any mention of Gush Katif on the gravestones would be "problematic," since it "may have political overtones." (Courtesy of Ha'aretz)

1) It clearly wasn't enough for some in the IDF to have carried out their orders of expelling 10,000+ Jews from their homes and of exhuming the bodies from the Jewish cemeteries of Gush Katif - many of whom were killed in terror attacks or had served themselves in the IDF - but for some it was also an opportunity for a photo op. I'm sure those involved will proudly display the photos on their desks, or perhaps on the coffee table in their homes.

2) It was also not enough for the IDF to put the families of those whose bodies had to be exhumed through a 2nd funeral and Shiva (Jewish mourning ritual), but to not allow any mention of Gush Katif on the tombstones of those who had served and fallen while serving in the IDF - because of political overtones - is ridiculous and shameful.

Is the IDF prepared to go into every military cemetery in the country and begin changing all of the tombstones that mention those who fought in Israel's War of Independence? The Six-Day War? The battle for Jerusalem?

Do not all of those have strong political overtones, as well?

One can only shake their head in astonishment and wonder how it is that we have come to hate ourselves and our heritage so very much.

(Hat-tip: Jameel of The Muqata)


The senior IDF officers who made the exhumation and re-burial into a photo-op should be reprimanded as should those who refused to allow Gush Katif to be mentioned on the new graves.

By Anonymous Hillel, at Tue Nov 29, 02:05:00 PM GMT+2  

1) How does the number keep growing? Do the infiltrators who sneaked into Gush Katif to create an armed resistence against the state count as people expelled from their homes? How ridiculous?

2) As for starting a war through headstones - I am all for it. Why don't we have all left wingers who die through terror put on their headstone - murdered by the settler movement that puts the value of Jewish land over the value of Jewish life. Has v'shalom anyone will ever die of another terrorist incident, but thank you Ze'ev for inspiring my epitaph, if such an event should arrive.

3) as for the poor suffering refugees - i was astounded to see in the press that the settlers evacuated frim Aza were demanding that they receive houses and not appartments - "because they are not used to cramped conditions". I am sorry - this is the same group of people who were given free houses in Aza no less than twenty years ago, most of them, saying they cannot drop to the level of most Israelis and live in an appartment? The hutzpah!

I am off to my cramped appartment - don't get claustrophobic Ze'ev.


By Anonymous H, at Tue Nov 29, 02:27:00 PM GMT+2  

Haim, as to your 3rd point, check this out:


By Blogger Ze'ev, at Tue Nov 29, 02:58:00 PM GMT+2  

Zeev: No Hat-tip? Not nice...

By Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata, at Tue Nov 29, 04:34:00 PM GMT+2  

H: What a diatribe against refugees! Why do you have to repeat such leftist drivel that "the settler's were given free housing". Grow up. Taking a family of 9 people, who lived in 250 square meters (in a house paid for), and moving them into a 60 square meter caravan is pathetic.

These people lived for 5 years under constant barrage of missles and terror attacks, and you treat them like garbage.

By Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata, at Tue Nov 29, 05:50:00 PM GMT+2  

Also, Haim, why is the desire for the families of the fallen soldiers of Gush Katif's desire to make reference to Gush Katif considred in your eyes to be starting a wat?

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Tue Nov 29, 07:15:00 PM GMT+2  

I meant an ideological war. If new headstones are needed - why not use exactly what was written on the headstones before. The point is it is not the Army who are using the dead as a political weapon - it is the settler leadership.

As for Jameel - I am not sure what your point was. The settlers moved into Aza knowing that one day they would be asked to leave, now they are trying and succeeding to make a tidy mint out of their eviction - out of my taxes.

By Anonymous h, at Tue Nov 29, 07:32:00 PM GMT+2  


I am truly apalled at your harsh criticism of your fellow Jew. Do you really think that the pioneers who chose to build their lives up in Gush Katif really thaught that they were going to be asked to leave? Your tax paying money, or your father;s paid for them to be sent there in the first place.. your governments decision..

They had built flourishing communities, helping Israel's economy grow and kept the border of Israel strong..

Now Haim, are you aware that right now, your tax money is going to help poor arab extremists turn what was Neve Dekalim into terror training camps...

Haim, dont think you are protected from their want to drive us into the sea.

"murdered by the settler movement that puts the value of Jewish land over the value of Jewish life"

They were not murdered by the settler movement... they were murdered by murderers.. How could you confuse the two?

One question: Didn't you settle in the land of Israel?
You too are a settler. AND according to your logic, my brothers and sisters are being murdered because of your zionist dream.

By Anonymous a, at Tue Nov 29, 10:07:00 PM GMT+2  

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