Sunday, November 06, 2005

Personal (and National) Fulfillment

I recently had a conversation with some friends of mine, and it came out that a number of them didn't enjoy their jobs. They expressed the feeling that if they were to have a better option, they would leave their current jobs in a second.

This conversation reminded me of how truly fortunate I am.

There is a famous saying in Pirkei Avot: Who is rich? He who is happy with his lot.

I have no doubt that I am one of the richest people alive (albeit, not in the financial sense).

Here I am, living in Israel, surrounded by inspiring and caring friends and a loving and supportive family.

I own my own apartment and live in a beautiful community, from which I have a priceless view of Jerusalem.

I look forward to getting up every morning to go to work, where I feel like I have the potential to strengthen the connection of fellow Jews to the Jewish People and the Land of Israel.

I find fulfillment in my studies, which I view as having the potential to not only help me professionally, but which serve as a medium to further my own spiritual growth and potential.

Last, but not least, I am living in the center of the Jewish world, and am able to play my part in helping the Jewish People fulfill their mission and destiny in this world. The challenges and struggles of the Jewish People are my own, along with their achievements and celebrations.

There are those who view the idea of living in Israel as a sacrifice. For me, living in Israel is just the opposite. I couldn't be happier (or richer) living anywhere else, and I am humbled at the thought that for so many generations the life that I live was not possible for Jews who were much more deserving than I.

I really could not ask for anything more, and am obligated to express thanks and appreciation to Hashem for all that I have been blessed with.


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