Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jews for Nothing

If one is interested in seeing the terrible toll that the Exile is taking on American Jewry, one need look no further than the following story recently reported in the New York Post (Hat Tip - Orthomom):
A Plaza-hotel-loving couple from New Jersey says the romantic landmark broke their hearts when it canceled their daughter's bas mitzvah, never telling them about a massive renovation that began in the spring.

"We approached this bas mitzvah as an opportunity to share with our daughter a great tradition," said Suzanne *****, a Manhattan attorney who had her own bas mitzvah at The Plaza in 1975 and planned to hold Ashley’s 12th-birthday celebration there.

For Ashley's big day, the couple had looked forward to a candle-lighting ceremony and the reading of a poem.

In their suit, the Englewood, N.J., parents say The Plaza, which closed in April, holds a "magic and singular importance" for them because Scott proposed to Suzanne there and they were married in the famed hotel's Baroque Room in 1990.

The suit seeks unspecified damages for "humiliation, indignity, distress of mind and mental suffering."

"They made no effort to compensate for the uniqueness of The Plaza," said Suzanne.

I feel sorry for little Ashley.

Not because she wasn't able to have her "Bas Mitzvah" at The Plaza, but because the tradition that her parents are most concerned with passing on to her seems to be of the uniqueness of The Plaza, and to never settle for anything less.

I feel sorry for little Ashley, that to her parents, her "Bas Mitzvah" was all about a "candle-lighting ceremony and the reading of a poem", as opposed to celebrating her becoming a full fledged, contributing member of the Jewish People.

I feel sorry for all of the little Ashley's living in America today, who are being raised to believe that America is their one and only true home, and that the mighty dollar is their one and only true god, and that the Judaism that they are being raised on worships those false gods.

I feel sorry for the little Ashley's who are being raised to yearn for The Plaza instead of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple.

My heart aches for all the little Ashley's who are turning away from Judaism as a result of the sins of their parents. Please know that there is an alternative to the empty "Jewish" values that you have been raised on, and know that you have a home, the one place where you can live proudly as a Jew.

It's not too late.

Leave the Exile and it's false values behind.

Come home - to the only place where one can live a complete and meaningful Jewish life - to the place where one can (quoting my good friend, Yishai) "trade in their profits for prophets".

Come home to Israel.


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