Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What's Happening Below the Radar...

In case you missed it, which most people probably did, Israel is entrusting its security to our good friends, the European Union. Ha'aretz reports:
The cabinet on Tuesday approved the proposal under which European Union personnel will operate the Rafah border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.

According to the decision, the EU personnel will enforce security procedures stipulated by Israel.

According to the plan, only passengers registered on the Palestinian population rolls would be allowed entry into the Gaza Strip. Exceptions would be made only in extreme circumstances. Other nationals would enter the Strip at the Kerem Shalom crossing just south of Israel's border with Gaza.

Israel views these requirements as an imperative condition for the operation of the Rafah crossing, in order to prevent the entry of hostile operatives into the Strip. As part of Israel's security demands, it will have long-distance access to closed circuit cameras installed at the crossing and the Palestinian border control information system.

Some questions:

1) How is it that the State of Israel giving over the responsibility for ensuring the security of its citizens to a 3rd party is getting almost no attention?

2) Wasn't the idea of an international force stationed in the area to keep the peace an anathema to both the left and the right?

3) Can the EU really be trusted with our security? Isn't this he same EU who keeps on pressuring Israel to make more and more concessions to the "Palestinians" at the expense of Jewish lives???

4) Once Israel has proof that the EU is at best turning a blind eye to terrorists infiltrating into the area, and at worst openly assisting them - does anyone truly believe that Israel will have the courage to do anything about it? And, even if they do, does anyone really believe that once the EU force is in place that Israel will be able to remove it?

5) Isn't it obvious that if the "Palestinians" didn't believe that this was in their best interests - and the 1st step of having additional international forces placed in the area - that they would have never allowed such a move to take place?!?

6) Does anyone believe that the EU is any better than the UN which was complicit in the kidnapping and murder of 3 Israeli soldiers?

7) Does anyone care?

Update: MN Blogger gives us a very relevant Lesson in History that puts everything in proper perspective and context.


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