Thursday, November 03, 2005

Run Away! Run Away!

Israel and the IDF used to be synonymous with the motto Acharai - Follow Me! that served as the embodiment of Israel's pioneering spirit.

In every war, and in every dangerous mission, the IDF's officers would literally lead their men into battle, never shying away from the dangers involved in settling and defending the borders and citizens of the Jewish State. This attitude had a trickle down effect to the average Jewish citizen in Israel, and formed the foundation for the new Jewish State, and enabled the fledgling state to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges.

Today, Israel has a new motto, namely, "Retreat, Save Yourselves"!, which has slowly begun to be adopted by some in Israel, following the example of the policies set by the Israeli government.

For those who supported the destruction of the Jewish communities in Gaza and the northern Shomron, here are the bitter fruits of your labor. Enjoy.

Ha'aretz reports:
Many residents in the western Negev communities recently said they want to leave the area, in view of continued rocket and mortar fire from the Gaza Strip... "Let them give us compensation like they gave Nisanit and Elei Sinai, and we'll leave," one resident said recently.

It seems that Jewish communities in the Negev, those within range of "Palestinian" rocket and mortar fire, want to take the money and run. After all, what value is there in living under the threat of terror, better to just pack the bags and move somewhere further away.

What action has the Israeli government taken in response to the desire of Negev residents to abandon ship?
The Defense Ministry recently placed shelters near homes in the communities. However, construction of a wall aimed at protecting against level fire (as opposed to steep-trajectory mortar and rocket fire) has not been completed, nor has equipment for the communities' first-response teams or additional measures aimed at protecting public buildings been provided.

The same one it always takes. Instead of fighting and eliminating terror, it suffices with half measures, such as walls, fences, shelters, early warning systems and all sorts of measures that give the appearance of action, when in reality, none is being taken to allow these Jewish communities to life in true peace and security.

All this boils down to this:

1) The Government of Israel is not prepared to truly remove the terror threat hanging over the Jewish State.

2) Jewish citizens of the State of Israel, in large part to #1, but not only, no longer have a desire to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of the nation, by living along troubled border areas.

3) The domino effect has begun. With the government not willing to truly fight terror, and the Jewish citizens of Israel no longer willing to live under the immediate shadow of it, Israel will continue to retreat away from the "Palestinians".

4) This will constitute an absolute victory for terror, bringing terror even closer to the heart of Israel, and will continue to sap the proud Jewish spirit and ideals out of the Jewish State.

If the government of Israel does not begin to truly respond to terror and restore both pride and security to the Jewish State, the dominos will continue to fall, and in a small country like Israel, there aren't very many dominos that we can afford to lose.

For the supporters of "Disengagement", expulsion and appeasement, who started this game of dominos, do you have the courage to play to win, or will you continue to run away?


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