Friday, October 28, 2005

The Proper Response to Terror - Part 2

My friend and neighbor, Mike, gave me an honest critique of my original post, The Proper Response to Terror, stating that I sounded like a typical right-wing politician, strong on rhetoric and little on concrete details.

After discussing the issue with Mike, I decided to put together a short list of practical steps that Israel can be taking today to fight terror and strengthen the State of Israel (In no particular order):

1) Dismantle the "Palestinian Authority" and its institutions.

2) Allow the IDF to wipe out the existing terror infrastructure and arrest / eliminate all known terrorists and organizations.

3) (Mike): As the "Palestinians" seek to drive the Jews from the Land of Israel, in response to any terror attack, Israel should: A) Expand existing Jewish communities in Yesha, B) Annex parts of Yesha, C) Begin building new Jewish communities in Yesha.

He argues that this would be a policy that the majority of Israelis would support.

(I also believe that allowing Jews to pray on the Temple Mount should be included on this list).

4) Stop building the "Security Fence" - if we are so convinced that this is the way to go, build a fence around "Palestinian cities, and let them out when they are good.

5) (Mike): Take all terrorists who Israel arrests and lock them in Gaza. Eliminate all crossings from Gaza into Israel.

6) Israel should legislate the use of the death penalty against terrorists with Jewish blood on their hands (or who attempted to have Jewish blood on their hands). This will eliminate any future prisoner exchanges.

7) Instead of investing in early warning systems and fortified roofs to protect against Qassam rockets and mortar fire, Israel should adopt a policy that it will bomb ANY location from where rockets and mortars are shot into Israel. I believe that after a while, the "innocent Palestinians" will tire of allowing rockets to be fired from their homes.

8) Create an Arab Emigration Fund to encourage Arabs who no longer wish to remain in Israel (including Yesha) to find an alternative permanent address.

9) Israel will begin destroying illegal Arab building throughout Israel (including Yesha).

The list goes on and on, but I think that this is a good start.


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