Thursday, January 12, 2006

Welcome to the Kitzoni Cafe

I've been honored with the chance to guest-blog over at The Muqata as Jameel Rashid prepares for his son's Bar-Mitzvah (don't ask).

I have decided to use this guest-post opportunity to announce the opening of the Kitzoni Cafe.

We all know how it is... After a long day of "grabbing hilltops", blocking roads, constructing "illegal outposts", refusing orders, and 'uprooting "Palestinian" olive trees, you just need a place to unwind - a place where everyone (not just the Shabak) knows your name - a place where you can feel at home (until the IDF comes to "disengage" you)...

To find out more about the Kitzoni Cafe, and to see what's on the menu, you'll have to head on over to The Muqata.



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