Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chosen for Leadership?

With all of the uncertainty surrounding the fate or Ariel Sharon and the effect that all of this will have on the upcoming elections, one thing that is certain is that there currently exists within Israel a leadership vacuum - with not a single political personality with anywhere near the support that Sharon had amongst the Israeli public.

It is ironic, therefore, that the results of a recent study that focused on the number of Jews in government leadership positions throughout the world has been released:
The chosen people
...A copy of the study findings received by Israel’s leading newspaper, Yediot Achronot, shows that 214 Jews are currently serving as lawmakers and parliamentarians in countries around the world... a significant number of representatives in parliaments across the globe considering it is only 13 million strong.

The country which has the largest number of Jewish elected officials is Britain, where 61 legislative posts are occupied by Jews: 7 Barons, 37 Lords and 17 MPs.

The United States ranks second with 37 Jewish lawmakers, 11 Senators and 26 Congressmen.

France and Ukraine are third with 15 Jewish members of parliament each...

The question, as I see it, is whether or not Jews - as Jews - should be aspiring towards positions of leadership (particularly in government positions) in their host countries?

As I see it, there is a big difference between a Joseph Lieberman, an observant Jew (who doesn't hide his Jewishness), aspiring to become the Vice President (and likely President) of the United States, as compared to someone else who views himself (or herself) as an American (or Frenchman, Brit...) first, but who also happens to be Jewish.

I do not believe that "Jews" - meaning those who outwardly identify themselves as Jews - should seek leadership positions in their host countries. If Jews are interested in governmental leadership positions, as Jews, then there is only one logical place for them to assume such a role - namely, the Jewish State of Israel.

The Jews, also known as the Chosen People, might be chosen or qualified for positions of leadership, but not necessarily in America, France or the UK - the Jews are meant to control their own fate in the one place that they can call home - Israel. I have no doubt that if these 214 leaders would move to Israel, bringing all of their abilities and aspirations with them, that they would not only help to fill the leadership void that has existed long before Sharon's stroke, and help to make the State of Israel a better place, but they might even be able to encourage others to follow their lead - the sign of a true leader.


I do not believe that "Jews" - meaning those who outwardly identify themselves as Jews - should seek leadership positions in their host countries.

...yea, 'cause Joseph in Egypt was way out of line was Shmuel HaNagid
...and Don Abravanel.

By Anonymous Strong Bad, at Thu Jan 05, 08:18:00 PM GMT+2  

If I am not mistaken, when these individuals ruled in their respective countries there was no Jewish sovriegnty i nthe Land of Israel...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Fri Jan 06, 07:50:00 AM GMT+2  

Strong bad left out RaMBaM as an advisor to the Vizier as well as a whole lineage of Court Jews.

But i agree with Ze'ev. Jewish Sovereignty is key. Also there was no question before the modern era as to whether these people advised the ruler as Jews or as Egyptians / Spaniards, whatever. In pre-modern times, the Ruler was entirely sovereign and all the subjects were just subjects, whereas America is a democracy and its citizens are all equal no matter there heritage. Joseph was entirely a Jew, and could never have actually become pharoah.

By Anonymous H, at Sun Jan 08, 10:16:00 AM GMT+2  

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