Monday, January 09, 2006

Remember that you read it here first...

After a long night of putting together the latest edition of Haveil Hevalim, I figure I was entitled to a light-blogging day.

As such, I am going to pat myself on the back, and highlight two recent examples of Israel perspectives scooping Israel’s mainstream media:

1) On Sunday, December 25th, I wrote a post entitled "Cleaning out the Likud..." in which I state:
Bibi Netanyahu's efforts to cleanse the Likud of it's criminal elements (read: to get rid of Moshe Feiglin) are a true litmus test as to where the party now stands in relation to what it once stood for...

The law that Bibi is working to implement would likely have disqualified Ze'ev Jabotinsky - founder of the Revisionist Zionist movement (and predecessor to the Likud) - from running for a slot in the Knesset, as he was exiled from Palestine for his Zionist activities by the British...

What about Natan Sharansky? He is another member of the Likud with a criminal record, having spent over a decade in numerous prisons and work camps throughout the former Soviet Union.

On Friday, December 30th, the Jerusalem Post ran the following article by Gil Hoffman, "'Ridiculous' Likud plan would bar Sharansky, not just Feiglin" that stated:
Will the Likud banish from its ranks former Prisoners of Zion Natan Sharansky and Yuli Edelstein and former Knesset speaker Dov Shilansky?

"A Likud member who has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to at least three months in jail cannot run for the Likud's Knesset slate or any Likud institutions," the proposal states, without differentiating between "crimes" committed in Israel or abroad...

Sharansky and Edelstein, who are both running for reelection to the Knesset, served jail time in Russian prisons because of their Zionism.

2) On Monday, October 24, 2005 I wrote a post entitled "The PLO / PA, Hamas and the Destruction of Israel - A Refresher", as well as another on Tuesday, January 03, 2006 post entitled "Sex, Hamas, and the "Palestinian Authority".

The gist of both of these posts was that there was no real difference between the aims of Hamas and the aims of the "Palestinian Authority", only in method, perhaps.

On Thursday, January 5th, 2006, Evelyn Gordon of the Jerusalem Post wrote an article entitled "Fatah is no better than Hamas" where we find the following:
But in all this hysteria, no one has yet explained why Hamas is so much worse than Fatah - whose list, despite the lip-service denunciations of terror routinely uttered by Fatah leader and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, is also comprised mainly of prominent terrorists and terror advocates.

It's not always easy... but I know that it isn't my good looks that keep you coming back - and that's why I make the extra effort to bring you expert insight and analysis of the challenges facing the Jewish People and State - often before anyone else.

All in a days work.

For the record, I couldn't write those lines while keeping a straight face - but I did enjoy writing them all the same. We're all entitled to some ego-stroking every now and again, even if it's self-administered.


one hting for sure-life aint boring

By Blogger Datingmaster, Jerusalem, at Mon Jan 09, 04:12:00 PM GMT+2  

It's always nice to have one up on the media. Good work there!

By Blogger ifyouwillit, at Mon Jan 09, 08:49:00 PM GMT+2  

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