Monday, December 05, 2005

The Real "Cycle of Violence"

Today, 5 more Jews / Israelis were murdered in yet another Arab terror attack, this one a suicide bombing outside a shopping mall in Netanya, with the explicit goal of seeking to demoralize and destroy the Jewish State of Israel.

Those that were murdered today are victims of the endless "cycle of violence" of which Israel finds itself at the center of.

No, I am not referring to the "cycle of violence" that world uses to justify the murder of Jews, whereby Israel is guilty for taking actions to defend itself, and in doing so, invites more attacks against itself.

The "cycle of violence" to which I refer is the result of the Government of Israel failing to eliminate the constant threat hanging over the Jewish State of Israel and her citizens - whether the threat is suicide bombers outside of shopping malls or Qassam rocket attacks - and the Government of Israel’s lack of response to these continued violence, which only serves to encourage more violence against the Jewish State whose end result is more dead Jews.
Two Qassam rockets shattered the twilight calm yesterday in the western Negev's Moshav Shuva, near Netivot. A more powerful Qassam than the rockets hitherto fired from Gaza into Israel... Five other Qassams - of the familiar old-fashioned sort - struck the western Negev, Sderot and Nahal Oz over the weekend...

For its part, Israel's response is confused. On the one hand tough messages are relayed via governments abroad to the PA, and the defense minister issues stern warnings that Israel will retaliate for each attack. Concomitantly, though, Israel continues to make friendly gestures to a PA leadership that is failing to meet its fundamental obligations. Thus it is announced that 2,000 more Gazan workers will be allowed employment in Israel, bringing the total to 7,000.

Thus far, the IDF's response to rocket fire has proved ineffective. Hitting back after the rockets and mortars have been fired and their crews have fled from the launch sites is pointless. (Courtesy of the Jerusalem Post).

And would anyone be surprised to find out that the suicide bomber was one of the 7,000 Arabs that the Government of Israel continues to allow into Israel from Gaza (even though it vowed to end this practice once all the Jews had been expelled from Gaza).

Or, perhaps the suicide bomber was a Hamas (or Islamic Jihad) terrorist who was able to cross into Gaza from Egypt, now that the Rafah border crossing is under total PLO sovereignty (courtesy of the Jerusalem Post):
In recent days Israel has sharply criticized the Palestinian Authority for letting Hamas terrorists cross into Gaza... But, under the terms of the American-brokered agreement between Israel and the PA concerning Rafah, entrance is allowed to anyone with a Palestinian ID.

There is in fact a "cycle of violence', and the Government of Israel is guilty of perpetuating it.

The time has long since passed for Israel to end this maddening "cycle of violence" that only leaves the Jewish People and State with more and more dead Jews to bury and mourn, and countless broken lives and hearts left in its wake.

It has to stop, and if the Government of Israel is not prepared to do so, then it must step aside and let others who are all too willing and able take their stead and put an end to this war of destruction against the Jewish State and bring a true and lasting peace to Israel, the Jewish People, and the entire region.



By Anonymous daaty, at Mon Dec 05, 04:01:00 PM GMT+2  

Distortion alert!

Ze'ev. This looks like a rhetorical question:
"And would anyone be surprised to find out that the suicide bomber was one of the 7,000 Arabs that the Government of Israel continues to allow into Israel from Gaza (even though it vowed to end this practice once all the Jews had been expelled from Gaza). "

especially considering the lack of question mark - yet you know that it is not and in fact the suicide bomber was not from Aza at all, as proved by this link:

So why are you trying to distort the truth and hide the fact that the bomber came from near the jewish settlement of Ariel. Is it to hide the fact that this is another example of the settlements endangering the security of the people of Israel. Because if there were no settlements we could actually build a proper border, instead of the porous excuse for a half built security barrier which the settlers object to because they don't want to be cut off from Israel proper.

The settlements are literally opening up our borders to attack.

Once again - you can claim that the attack within Israel means that the palestinians are not interested in peace - that is a claim supported by fact - but to suggest that he is from Aza when one quick look at the news would have proved otherwise is deliberate falsehood.


By Anonymous H, at Mon Dec 05, 04:55:00 PM GMT+2  

haim, you have the unqique talent of distoriting what I am saying, or focus on the least rlevant point in a post, and blowing it way out of proporation...

When i wrote this post, it was not yet known where the suicide bomber had originated from.

As for the liklihood that he had come from Gaza, I wouldn't call it such a stretch, as there have been numerous attempts by Arabs to get through Gaza into Israel to carry out suicide attacks that have killed many soldeirs who manned the checkpoints there - one woman, in particular, had a permit to get treatment at a hospital in Be'er Sheva where she planned on blowing herself up...

Also, how many times have we eased restrictions around Arab cities only to then have them use that to their advantage to kill jews?

So, no Haim, I have no problem with what I wrote...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon Dec 05, 05:05:00 PM GMT+2  

I too was going to point out where he was from... Check out my post from earlier, Ze'ev. You'd like it.

By Blogger Ezzie, at Tue Dec 06, 08:53:00 AM GMT+2  

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