Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Questioning Israel's New Anti-Terror Policy

In an effort to end the barrage of Qassam rockets that the "Palestinians" have been raining down on Jewish communities throughout southern Israel, the Government of Israel and the IDF have decided to decided upon a new response to such attacks (Courtesy of Ha'aretz):
In the wake of the suicide bombing in Netanya on Monday, and the constant barrage of Qassam rockets on communities in the south of the country, Israel has decided to adopt a harsher response to the rocket fire.

Israeli artillery fire against the Qassam launchers that had been aimed, for the most part, only at open areas will now be directed also at built-up areas from where the rockets are being fired.

Ahead of the artillery fire at the built-up areas, the Israel Defense Forces will employ loudspeakers to ask the Palestinian residents to clear the area.

Here are a few questions that I have about Israel's new policy:

1) What if the rockets are fired from (or in the vicinity of) a school, hospital, mosque, UN compound or playground - is Israel prepared to launch artillery against these sites?

2) What if the "Palestinian residents" refuse to leave, in spite of IDF threats to shell the area - will the IDF launch artillery anyway?

If the answer to these questions is no, then I do not see this policy having any meaningful impact on stopping the Qassam rocket attacks, as it will be too easy for Israel's enemies to exploit her "morality" to continue terrorizing the Jewish State with impunity.


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