Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The True Crime of Collective Punishment

20,000 people are suffering under the burden of collective punishment. These people are suffering for actions that were not committed by them. These 20,000 people, as a result of this collective punishment, have been forced to live in fear, having their daily routine and peace of mind dramatically altered - for the worse.

The most troubling aspect of it all, is that the world remains silent in the face of this crime. There are no human rights organizations championing the rights of these 20,000 innocent people.

Why is it that the world doesn’t care, and that no liberal, progressive & humanist types can be found to raise the banner of the suffering of these 20,000 innocent civilians?

Well... simply put, it's because these 20,000 people are the Jewish residents of Sderot, an Israeli city that has been barraged with thousands of Qassam rocket and mortars over the last few years.

In response to the latest assault of Qassam rockets fired upon Jewish cities by Arab terrorists, the IDF, in addition to bombing open fields had also closed the Karni and Erez border crossings, barring the entry of "Palestinians" into Israel.

Today, the crossings are being re-opened.


YNET reports:
The Karni and Erez crossings, which were shut down following the Qassam rocket fire, will soon be reopened so as not to harm the Palestinians’ daily routine.

Why is it that collective punishment can only refer to non-Jews?

Why is it that the fact that 20,000 Jews are forced to live in fear of the next rocket and mortar barrage - because the Israeli government is not prepared to take the steps needed to end the attacks once and for all - seemingly have no rights, neither in the eyes of the Israeli government or in the yes of the rest of the world?

Why is it that the rights of these 20,000 Jewish citizens of the State of Israel do not take priority over those living in Gaza?

Why is it, that in order to "not harm the Palestinian daily routine" 20,000+ Jews must suffer, both as far as their personal security and property are concerned, as well as the added insult of shame and disgrace that comes from their own government valuing the lives of her enemies more than the lives and rights of her own citizens?!?


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