Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Rockets in the Yard...

Once again, Sderot has fallen victim to yet another barrage of Qassam rockets. Since the beginning of the recent Arab terror war unleashed upon Israel, thousands upon thousands of rockets have been fired into Israel, with little to no response by the IDF.

For a moment, imagine that you a resident of Sderot.

You hear the early warning siren sound, warning you of the impending rocket attack only seconds away. The first thought that goes through your mind is your family - are they safe? You then try to find a place to cower down, and pray that the rocket will not land near you.




Thankfully, you're still alive. Through nothing short of a miracle of G-d, there have been few casualties and fatalities from these rocket attacks. However, when you go outside your home, you notice that a Qassam rocket has landed in your driveway, or perhaps your yard - destroying your garden.

An attack of this sort is reported in the following manner (as reported in the Jerusaelm Post):
There were no reports of damage or casualties from the rocket attack on the southern Israeli town.

The response of the IDF to such attacks:
An IDF aircraft fired at least one missile at an open field in the northern Gaza Strip early Wednesday. In addition, several sonic booms caused by Israeli warplanes were heard in Gaza City during the night.

Now, ask yourself this question, still imagining that you were a resident of Sderot:

Would you consider a rocket landing in your yard, or in a park near your home, even if it caused no structural damage or caused fatalities to be of no consequence? Or, would you expect that the army do everything in its power to ensure that regardless of where these rockets fell, that the army would put a stop to it, once and for all?

Would you be satisfied with the army for bombing open fields, or creating sonic booms over the towns from where the rockets originated?

Now, imagine how you would feel after thousands of such attacks.

Think about it...

And while considering how you might feel being in such a circumstance, think about how you would want the army to respond to such attacks to ensure that you, your family and your property remain safe, and that you are able to live a normal life.


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