Monday, November 28, 2005

Kadima & Ariel Sharon: Guilt by Association... Part One

With Ariel Sharon's formation of his new political party, Kadima, it is interesting to watch the ripple effect that have taken place throughout Israel's political / judicial echelons...

Once again, the Leftist media (and Judiciary) are gearing up to play cover-up for Sharon's personal (and family) involvement in numerous corruption scandals - they're willing to turn a blind eye to just about anything, so long as he continues throwing Jews out of their homes and handing them over to those who seek our destruction.

Some examples (coincidences?):

* Courtesy of Ha'aretz:
A senior legal source told HaAretz this week that the criminal investigation against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in the Cyril Kern affair is unlikely to be completed before the March elections. This means suspicions against Sharon and his son Gilad will remain unresolved during the campaign.

* Courtesy of Ha'aretz, once again:
The parliamentary inquiry committee to uncover government corruption will cease its activities due to the decision to hold early elections... Committee chair MK Michael Eitan told members at Sunday's meeting that any mention of corruption would be interpreted as serving the political interests of one or another speaker.

What makes this particular development so interesting is that a recent poll found that the public views Omri Sharon to be the most corrupt MK, and his father, PM Sharon to be in the top 5. Joining the Sharon's on the corruption list, as well as in the new party Kadima are Deputy Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, and Roni Bar-On.

Of course, the party that Sharon put on the map, the Likud, is not much better when it comes to corruption. MK Tzachi HaNegbi of the Likud was named Israel's most corrupt cabinet minister, followed by Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz, Education Minister Limor Livnat and former Finance Minister Bibi Netanyahu.
The Israeli public will be asked to decide on March 28 between two difficult choices: Which party is more corrupt – the new one, created by Ariel Sharon and his son Omri, or the Likud party that Sharon was forced to flee at the last minute?

At first glance, it is tough to decide which option is correct... But at the end of the day, the Kadima Party wins, hands down: Deceiving the attorney general, perjury, the millions of dollars the Sharon family has taken from private businessmen trying to advance their interests, the Cyril Kern case and silencing of key witnesses are more serious than that the goings-on in Likud... In the best case scenario, it's major- vs. minor league corruption. (Courtesy of Yediot Achronot).

It's good to know that even with all the new parties and alignments, the Israeli voter can still count on Ariel Sharon (and sadly, too many other MK's) to be consistent on one thing: Corruption - no matter what party he is leading...

To be continued...


PM Sharon and MK Omri Sharon should be sent to jail instead of the Knesset. Hopefully, the right-wing parties (united I hope) will constantly publicize the Sharons' corruption as a follow-up to the survey.

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