Sunday, November 27, 2005

Adding insult to injury...

Sadly, the following report by IMRA should come as no surprise:
The Palestinian Authority admitted in an official document published that today parts of Gush Katif, the former Jewish communities of Gaza, are now "training camps" for terror groups.

In what some expelled Jewish residents of the area called the "ultimate insult," Hamas leaders said they turned Neve Dekalim into a "martyr training camp" and have used the territory to launch rockets into Israel.

Where are the homes being built to house all of the Arab "refugees"?

Where are the signs of industry and employment that were meant to allow these Arabs to begin living a respectable life?

On the flip side of the coin, not only did the government of Israel know full well that this would be the end result of the expulsion of 10,000 Jews from their homes, but they have also managed to destroy the Jews of Gush Katif and the Shomron (which was likely part of their plan, as the Jews of Gush Katif stood for all that the Government of Israel has come to scorn - a love for the People of Israel, the Land of Israel and the Torah of Israel):
...The massive unemployment, together with the trauma of having been forced out of their communities, has taken its toll on the residents. Divorce rates are skyrocketing. Parents, who spend much of their days watching television and climbing the walls, have lost control of their children.

The child refugees of Gaza are perhaps the worst hit by the expulsions. Violence among the youths is high and rising. Drug abuse, which was negligible in their communities in Gaza, is on the rise. Two empty mobile homes were locked after they were found to contain drug paraphernalia. So the party moved elsewhere. Nitzan is prime territory for drug dealers looking for easy prey.

To make matters even worse (courtesy of Jerusalem Post):
On the eve of disengagement, a massive government public relations campaign maintained that "there is a solution for each evacuee." Today, more than 100 days after nearly 9,000 Israelis were uprooted, it emerges that there is no solution for many of the evacuees, and indeed there never was.

Many Israelis are indifferent, if not downright hostile to the plight of these fellow citizens. The daily Hatzofeh newspaper recently found a novel way of gauging sentiment by launching a fictional initiative to house evacuees in Tel Aviv. Its make-believe real-estate office, it reported, was inundated with antagonistic responses, hotly opposing the introduction of personas-non-grata into the city.

For generations a Jew knew that no matter where in the world he was, he could always count on his fellow Jews for help. When did this change? How is it that we have become so cruel and uncaring towards our brothers? How is it that we are able to sleep at night and go on living our lives, knowing full well that thousands upon thousands of our brothers and sisters are suffering through the (willful?) neglect of the government of the Jewish State of Israel?

If we can't find away to live together as "one nation in the Land", then we have no future here, as we don't have the strength to fight both against ourselves and the the hundreds of millions of Muslims / Arabs who seek our destruction.

It's time for a new "Peace Process" - between Jew and Jew.


Here Here!

A peace process between Jew and Jew - I couldn't agree more. Let's work towards the unity of the jewish people (however that is defined)! We should use the state institutions to work for the good of all the Israeli nation. Here are some areas I suggest focusing on.

The Army:
From now on, all Jews should have to serve in the army - irrelevant of whether they are too religious or not. No more hesder, no more shlichut for Bnei Akiva on the sochnut's bill. Everyone does national service here in Israel - men and women for the same ammount of time.

The Education system:

One unified state educational system. No public money whatsoever for any schools outside of the state educational system. No Shas schools, no separate arab system, no state-religious schools - just one state sponsored curriculum. All together - this would be a way of destroying the closed walls of the Hareidi community and invite their children to take part in society.

A fair tax system:
Those who endanger the state by living beyond its borders and thus requiring greater security will pay for it themselves. (Sorry Ze'ev). Most of all though, the benefits and reductions in Arnona and subsidies etc which are offered to people to live outside of the state will immediately be cut off. The government will cease to fund housing which will end up costing the tax payer money.


Immigration of Americans of Jewish descent should be encouraged by destroying the Orthodox theocratical monopoly on cultural affairs in this country thus encouraging "Jews" who live in America to come home.

Personal Status and Human rights:

Similar to the point above - those institutions which work against the interests of the Jewish people by distancing people from wanting to take part in Jewish Culture and Heritage should be removed from their positions of power - i.e. the creation of a true separation of Religion and State. No more religious affairs ministry, no more Orthodox hegemony over Marriage and divorce, no more religious schools with public money, a shabbat policy which reflects respect for personal choice and for the jewish tradition.

What do you say Ze'ev?


By Anonymous Haim, at Sun Nov 27, 03:18:00 PM GMT+2  

A peace process for Jew to Jew is critical. Perhaps the most disturbing thing I found in Israel since Aliyah is the intensity of the friction among those following the various ways of observing the Torah. All of us do our best to be good Jews. To the best of my knowledge, no one has recently spoken toHashem to receive His word directly. We all follow rabbinical interpretations that we accept.

All Israelis should be required to serve in the military or give equal time for community service. I do not want Israeli Arabs (not counting the Druse) in the army but they should be required to serve an equal time in community service.

Money should support educating all Jews. This is the Jewish Nation. All Jews should be taught the basics of Judiasm and Zionism according to their traditions.

Jews living in the "settlements" are living in Israel! They are today's people who are making our vision of living in the entire Land of Israel possibly true. They should be supported!

While there should be some modifications in religious direction by the State, Israel's laws must conform to the Orthodox observance so that all Jews can be a part of the Jewish Nation.

While I am a US citizen and believe that in a democratic nation made up of individuals of vastly differing backrounds, state and religion should be separate. Israel is different. Israel is the Jewish Nation given to us by Hashem. To be the Jewish Nation, Jewish Law must be the foundation of Israel's laws. Consequently, in Israel "church and state" should not be separate as in the US.

If you'll note recent news, the so-called "Palestinians" only pledge of home construction with money provided by an Arab nation is for the families of those who have murdered Jews. The "Palestinian Authority" has not made any effort or given and indications of plans to alleviate the suffering of those who have been forced to live a life of poverty by the Arabs in the refugee camps.

By Anonymous Hillel, at Mon Nov 28, 12:53:00 PM GMT+2  

ps I'm having a little trouble sending comments so if I do it twice please excuse me and I apologize.

By Blogger answer-man, at Wed Mar 15, 11:56:00 PM GMT+2  

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