Thursday, October 20, 2005

Meme 7... Don't Ask...

When Ezzie initially "tagged" me to do this Meme 7 (you'll see what it is in a second), I rolled my eyes. The next reaction I had was that there was no way I would put something like this up on my blog. That was followed by my spending the next few nights discussing with my wife what my answers would be if I would do this Meme 7 thing - which, of course, I wouldn't.

Well, it's Succot, we're supposed to be happy, and since this will certainly be a more light-hearted post than the average fare around here, I figure, what the heck.

7 Things I can Do:

1) Write
2) Speak in public
3) Come up with a Dvar Torah for any occasion that deals with the theme of Aliyah
4) Make a really good chulent
5) Check e-mail / blog stats anywhere between 5 - 15 times a day
6) Read - I do it often...
7) Direct almost any conversation twards one that focuses on Israel and / or the future of the Jewish People

Things I Can't Do:

1) Math
2) Eat Mushrooms
3) Consider living outside of Israel
4) Speak in grammatically correct Hebrew
5) Raise my voice (in anger)
6) Pass up buying books / sefarim that I am interested in...
7) Hide the books / sefarim from my wife

7 Things I Hope To Do In My Life:

1) Meme 7 - Oh, wait, I guess I can cross that off the list...
2) Visit the Beit Hamikdash
3) Witness the coming of Mashiach
4) Witness the complete ingathering of the Exiles
5) Write a book
6) Raise children who will express a love for Am Yisrael, Eretz Yisrael and Torat Yisrael, as well as serve as an inspiration and a source of pride to the Jewish People
7) Become a better Jew and fulfill the potential that I know is within me...
7-A) Be a better husband

7 Things I Say Often:

1) I love you
2) I'm Sorry
3) I'll be off in 5 minutes
4) Just one more minute
5) Ok, I'm leaving the office...
6) Ok, Ok, I'm really leaving the office...
7) Have you ever thought about living in Israel?

People I'd like to infect with this meme:

* Jameel of The Muqata
* Tovya of Zion Report
* Natan of Faith in Nathan
* ****Cosmic X****
* Elder of Ziyon


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