Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hey, Brother, Can You Spare a Dime... For Arab Terror Victims?

Yediot Achronot Reports:
The Jewish Agency is expected to grant on Sunday some NIS 100,000 (about USD 22,000) to the families of those killed in the terror attack in Shfaram last August, which was carried out by Jewish soldier Natan Zada.

Agency officials said this marks the first time the fund is supporting victims of Jewish terror.

Can anyone explain to me the basis for such a decision? It is one thing for the Government of the State of Israel to decide to grant assistance or funding to these Arabs, but what is the basis for the (almost solely Jewish funded) Jewish Agency to do so?

Here is the official mission of the Jewish Agency, can anyone find where giving funds earmarked for Jewish use to Arabs fits in? (I can't):

The Jewish Agency - The Global Partnership of the Jewish People with Israel

We are committed to assuring the future of the Jewish people with a strong Israel at its center, through:

Immigration to Israel
Jewish-Zionist Education
Partnership with and for Israel

Your annual campaign dollars enable the Jewish Agency for Israel to impact the lives of millions of Jews around the world. Our partnership brings Jews home from the four corners of the earth, giving them hope for a better future in the State of Israel.

The Jewish Agency is primarily funded by and works in partnership with the global Jewish community through the United Jewish Communities of North America, Keren Hayesod-UIA, the Spirit of Israel, and the U.S. Federal Government.

Through Partnership 2000 and other innovative partnership programs, the Jewish Agency works with its partners around the world to build Israel ’s periphery and empower weaker populations, while forging close relations among Jews around the world.

Another question that begs to be asked is why are there no Arab countries that are prepared to provide assistance to "Arab victims of terror"? Could it be that their funds are currently tied up in providing funds to the families of terrorists and Jihad against Israel?

(Hat Tip: Faith in Nathan)


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