Thursday, October 20, 2005

With Friends Like These...

These are not easy words to write, but they must be written and acted upon - the sooner the better.

The United States is no friend of Israel's. Yes, there may be common interests between the two countries, but do not believe for a moment that the United States ever has anything but its very own interests at heart, and if they happen to conflict with what happens to be in the best interests of Israel, well... that's life. (That is not to say that there aren't Americans who care deeply for the well-being of Israel).

Batya, over at BlogFree lists some of the more recent examples of how "Israel's best friend" isn't quite that. IMRA exposes how the CIA has been involved in training "Palestinian" terrorsits, and this website gives as thorough a documentation of the issue as anyone could ever need.

It is abundantly clear of the double standard that the world, but the US in particular holds Israel to. Yet, I can't really blame the US for doing so. If I was giving someone $3 Billion+ every single year, I would want to have a pretty big say in that person's life too.

If Israel is to have the freedom to pursue policies that are in her own best interest, then it must act now to stop its dependency on US Foreign and Military Aid.

Yes, it will be hard at first, but I have no doubt that over the course of a decade or so, Israel will be able to rebound and have the freedom to act in its own best interests.

I am not saying that Israel should not ally itself with the US, but it should be a partnership of equals, and not one of dependency. I believe that in the long run, this will not only serve Israel's best interests, but those of the US, as well.

I do not believe, that if Israel had the ability to enact and enforce policies that were in the best interests of the Jewish State of Israel that we would find ourselves in the situation which we currently find ourselves in.

I admit that I am not qualified to come up with the exact way of how to wean ourselves off of the aid, but that does not mean that it isn't possible. Thank G-d, one thing that the State of Israel and the Jewish People are not lacking are strong Jewish minds, and I do not doubt that if we put our heads together that we could come up with a manageable solution.


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