Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Money Talks & American Jewry Has Spoken...

A little over a month ago, the OU (Orthodox Union) launched two fundraising campaigns, one was to assist those who were expelled from their homes as part of the "Disengagement" plan, and the 2nd was to help those who had been affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Well, the results are in. Here is how much money American Jewry contributed to each fund:

Drum roll please...

Gush Katif Fund: $170,000

Hurricane Katrina Fund: $600,000+

In a post of mine shortly after both of these fundraising drives were launched, I expressed my belief that most American Jews would not give to both funds, and as such, would be forced to choose one cause over the other and in doing so, express where their priorities and allegiance truly lie.

Well, American Jewry has spoken, and that American accent of theirs (getting stronger everyday) can be heard loud and clear, 6,000 miles away.


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