Sunday, October 09, 2005

Haveil Havalim #40

Here we are with this weeks edition of Haveil Havalim. This edition of HH will be the 40th installment - that's right, the BIG "40" (but I personally think that HH looks much younger) - and if there is anyone who still doesn't know what HH is all about by now, well...

The # 40 has a lot of significance in Judaism, and in putting together this edition of HH, I tried to do the #40 some justice. I am hoping, that just like Moshe spent 40 days with G-d, learning / receiving the Torah, I hope that this HH will be full of Divine inspiration. It is my hope that my wanderings throughout the Jewish Blogsphere, in search of the best and brightest posts of the week, will save all of you the stress and trouble of having to spend 40 years wandering, like the Jews through the desert, to get caught up on all that the Jewish Blogsphere has to offer.

Without further ado...

The Jewish Holiday Season

This past week Jews around the world commemorated the Fast of Gedaliah - want to know who Gedaliah was, and why there's a fast named after him? Cosmic X has the answers. Batya of me-ander is thankful that after 2 full days of eating over Rosh Hashanah, that it is followed up with a fast.

Biur Chametz indexes his (non-existent?) High-Holiday blogging for the year 5766. He also tells us what bicycles have to do with Yom Kippur...

Chayyei Sarah offers usual a chance to start of the year on the right foot by posting about an important Chesed opportunity to help out some fellow bloggers.

Dov Bear introduces us to Virtual Tashlich, as well as sharing his High-Holiday Pet Peeves.

Ever wondered why Rosh Hashanah has all those weird food customs - like having fish heads, beets, leeks, and fenugreeks (I saw it in the Artscroll Machzor) on the table (along with the apple and honey)? Gil from Hirhurim gives us the background.

The Jewish Worker teaches us why Rosh Hashanah comes before Yom Kippur.

Shoshana of Sweet Rose teaches us about what it mean to really forgive someone...

Kesher Talk has a great round up of Yom Kippur related posts.

Elie's Expositions has a moving post about reconciling this year's Rosh Hashanah prayers with the recent loss of his son.

Soccer Dad gets a head start on Succot - and with the 40 expected guests (there's the #40, again) that he'll be having, he doesn't have any time to lose.

Zion Report shares with us the connection between Yom Kippur and Jonathan Pollard.

Ze'ev of Israel Perspectives shares his Rosh Hashanah introspections...

How do Dr. Seuss and Succot go together? Ezzie from SerandEz has the answer.

Last, but certainly not least, The Dry Bones Blog introduces us to the Holiday of Scuddot.

Israel & the Jewish World

I'll start with a trifecta of postings from Miriam of Bloghead, who I think had a great week worth of postings. She starts off by naming the Jew of the Year (as I see it, winning this award is similar to winning the Nobel Peace Prize - See: Shimon Peres, Yasser Arafat...). Speaking of Nobel Prizes, Miriam lets us know how Jews have faired recently in being awarded Nobel prizes in relation to the rest of the world. To close, Miriam confronts the differences between "Idealistic Israel vs. Real Israel", and how some people aren't able to reconcile the differences between the two.

Amkha Yisrael asks, in light of Israel's Supreme Court decision forbidding the IDF soldiers from using Arabs as human shields, what means the Israeli Supreme Court will allow the IDF to use to combat terrorism? Jameel from The Muqata, on the same issue, shows how using human shields saves lives of countless Israeli soldiers, as well as Arabs.

On a different note, Jameel from The Muqata dispels the myth that there was no refusal to carry out orders during the "Disengagement" from Gush Katif and the Shomron, as well as asking the question as to whether he must grant forgiveness to those who took part in the expulsion.

Tel-Chai Nation gives us his own take on the merits (or lack there of) of Nobel Prize recipients.

Batya of Shiloh Musings asks why the world is so accepting of places being Judenrein?

Cross-Currents asks whether we should give up on American Jewry.

Elder of Ziyon, as usual, had a number of interesting posts this week. Among them, he is perplexed at where Israel finds the money to send tons of food to the Arabs of Gaza when there are so many poor and hungry within Israel. Good question. He is also amazed (as am I) at how Israel continues to offer "goodwill gestures" to the "Palestinians" in return for absolutely nothing.

On the bright side, House of Joy tells us about the greatness of The Aliyah Show (AKA The Aliyah Revolution), which her Simcha recently co-hosted.

The Jewish Connection directs us to some great articles that deal with the affordability (or lack there of) of Jewish Education. Speaking of Jewish Education, My Obiter Dicta shows us where we can find some insights into the responsibility and the culpability of parents and teachers.

New Zionist discusses a potential breakthrough that will lead to Israel's Magen David Adom finally being accepted into the International Red Cross.

Not the Gadol Hador takes a closer look at the recent banning of the internet in Lakewood, here and here.

Critical Mastiff discusses the role of democracy in the failure of today's societies.

Boker Tov, Boulder shares with us the surprisingly unsurprising statistic, that more Palestinians have been killed by one another than by Israel.

Out of Step Jew lets us listen in on a conversation he had with Menachem Begin (and others).

Orthomom gives a critical analysis a letter being sent out by the Yesha Council to the Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria to be received by Yom Kippur.

Smooth Stone calls attention to a troubling double standard that currently exists in the US. Additionally, The United Arab Emirates would rather see its people die than be saved by Jews.

Upsidedown World clues us into the faulty logic behind Israel's policy decisions.

Random Jewish Blogsphere Ramblings...

I'd like to start this section by wishing a Mazal Tov to Am Echad for successfully passing level Hay ulpan.

I would like to welcome back a Nice Jewish Girl, after a long hiatus. She answers some readers' comments, as well as sharing with us a heartfelt dilemma that she is facing. What would you do if you were in her shoes? Read her posts here, here and here.

I would also like to say farewell to AidelMaidel who appears to be calling it quits. May Hashem bless her with the ability to successfully overcome all of the challenges that she is currently facing, and that she and her family be sealed for a happy new year.

Biur Chametz joins the act in suggesting his own Top Ten New Mottos for Yeshiva University.

Orthomom opens up to us with her Confessions of a Self-Titled SuperMom.

Shoshana of Sweet Rose tells us about her recent meeting with a Shadchan, and what place a brain should have in a relationship.

Gil of Hirhurim has started a contest to come up with a new name for his blog. He also explains what is and is not permissible to post on your blog as it relates to Lashon Hara.

For those of you who must have action... Ezzie from SerandEz shares his picks for the week's NFL games and explains the different types of betting pools available to nice Jewish boys and girls... During commercials, at halftime, or between games, you can feel free to enjoy this Shidduch Music Video.

Treppenwitz sets the record straight... once and for all... for now. Also, finding himself approaching the Day of Judgment, Treppenwitz confesses over the sin of being a content miser.

Want to bring out the truth about what is happening here in Israel? If so, then Blog Free! is the place to be.

And Finally...

My Right Word didn't make the list, and neither did Dov Bear. (But they're not bitter... really, they're not). What list am I talking about? You'll have to visit one (or both of those sites to find out). Of course, since Dov Bear didn't make the list, he came up with a list of his own (on which he also fails to appear... as does yours truly).


Well... that's it. And I figured that there wouldn't be so much to include in this week's HH, being a short week and all.

HH #41 is just around the corner, so get your submissions ready and send them to the Conservative Cat Carnival submission form.

Wishing everyone a Shanah Tova, a G'mar Chatimah Tova, a Tzom Kal v'Mashmauti, and Chag Sameach!

Haveil Havalim can also be found at The Truth Laid Bear's uberCarnival.


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