Thursday, July 06, 2006

Heaven on Earth

The view from my home, overlooking the hills of Jerusalem, as the setting sun brings another day in the Land of Israel to a close.




There's just no place like home - when your Home is in the Land of Israel.

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absolutely breathtaking

By Blogger bellanny, at Fri Jul 07, 05:45:00 AM GMT+3  

Great shots.

(as in, i wish i was there)

By Anonymous Neshama, at Sat Jul 08, 02:56:00 AM GMT+3  

Nice Pictures,
mind if I use them on my blog? (with Credit of course)

By Anonymous Oleh Yahsan, at Sun Jul 09, 12:06:00 AM GMT+3  

Oleh Yashan, please feel free...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Sun Jul 09, 08:44:00 PM GMT+3  

Thanks Ze'ev
I want to use it for my "Daily Pic" on the Blog. I think it will be a nice contrast to the other pictures I put up there - soemthing along the line of the "side of Israel you Can't see in the News"

By Anonymous Oleh Yahsan, at Sun Jul 09, 09:08:00 PM GMT+3  

how lucky you are to look up at this sky, please don't forget there are others under it as well.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Sat Jul 15, 06:44:00 PM GMT+3  

Hope everything is all right.
Miss your great comments.

By Anonymous daat y, at Mon Jul 17, 03:02:00 AM GMT+3  

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