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Let me preface the following remarks by stating that I do not have any intimate knowledge of G-d's thoughts, or even a remote understanding of why He runs the world the way He does - aside from what's written in the Torah.

With that behind us...

Jerusalem 'gay' parade called off due to war

An international "gay pride" parade scheduled for next month in Jerusalem has been called off due to Israel's war with Hezbollah.

As WorldNetDaily reported, some rabbis who have urged that the World Pride parade to be cancelled see the war as God's judgment for the Israeli government's tacit support of the homosexual-activist celebration.

I don't know if these rabbis are right.

It is clear that the Torah speaks very critically of homosexuality, referring to it as an abomination (a term reserved for only the most serious of acts), but can it be said with absolute certainty that as a result of this parade the Jewish State is fighting a two front war today, with over a quarter of her citizens under immediate threat of missle attack, along with three of her soldiers being held captive by our enemies?

I honestly don't know.

There is something, however, that I do know with absolute certainty.

This was not the first time that the Gay Pride parade, scheduled to take place in Jerusalem, was cancelled.

The Gay Pride parade was originally scheduled - amid major protests - to take place in Jerusalem last summer.

It was cancelled.


Due to the "Disengagement" plan, where 10,000+ Jews expelled from their homes in Gaza and the northern Shomron, with the land being handed over to those who seek the destruction of the Jewish State.

Now, maybe it's purely coincidental that the Gay Pride parade has managed to conflict with these two rather traumatic events.

But, then again, maybe it's not such a coincidence.

Either way, whether as a result of Divine intervention or just plain bad luck, the Gay Pride parade, scheduled to take place in Jerusalem these past two summers, has been cancelled due to major calamities striking the Jewish State.

For that reason alone, next year, I urge the planners of the Gay Pride parade to do us all a favor by finding somewhere else - somewhere far, far away from Jerusalem to hold their parade.

Coincidence or not, I don't even want to begin to think about what might happen if the organizers try to hold the Gay pride parade in Jerusalem next summer.

Clearly, the odds aren't in their favor (or ours).

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Good post. It is sometimes impossible to NOT see how HaShem has lined everything up with a purpose.

By Blogger Smooth, at Sun Jul 23, 03:51:00 PM GMT+3  

Maybe they will go next year to the multicultural and open city of Beurut as part if its rebuilding process. If Hezbolah is defeated I am sure they will be welcomed with open arms in Beirut, and if there is a remnent of Hezbolah left I am sure they would be just as welcoming since they are a liberal democratic party as is reported on CNN.

By Anonymous leffingstn, at Sun Jul 23, 09:07:00 PM GMT+3  

Sorry, the rabbeim are acting like asses. There is no connection between the two.

By Anonymous Ozzie, at Mon Jul 24, 06:53:00 AM GMT+3  

Leff - if not Lebanon, maybe Gaza - there's another progresive democracy for you.

Ozzie - how can you be so sure?

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon Jul 24, 09:33:00 AM GMT+3  

For sure the two cancellations are connected.

In both cases, the vile bigoted homophobes of the Religious world threatened violence, and the municipality and the government and the police found some excuse to cave to the pathetic calls of these disgusting hateful people. There was no need to let the disengagement affect the Pride parade last year and there was no reason to let the attacks on the north affect it this year - in neither case has the security of Jerusalem actually been harmed or weakened. All that has happened is that those who wanted the parade cancelled have got their way, because the powers that be were not strong enough to stand up to them.

Just as last year, a pride parade will still go ahead, even if it is not international, but just for Israelis, to celebrate freedom and tolerance. Let us hope that unlike last year, no disgraceful bigot will try and stab any of the marchers.


By Anonymous H, at Mon Jul 24, 02:16:00 PM GMT+3  

I think this is a great chance for an opening with Iran. Here is the slogan:

We hate gays too.

Or perhaps:

United in hate.


Hate will bring us together.

I'm surprised no one has tried this yet.


Have you considered bringing back public stoning? You could ask Iran for technical help. Nothing like technical exchanges to bring nations closer together, eh?

By Blogger M. Simon, at Mon Jul 24, 05:17:00 PM GMT+3  

h,m.simon, let us hope another hero will not have to arise and stab mor fags this year.

and m.simon, I think we can figure out how to stone fags ourselves we use a different method than the Iranians but I like where yourr heads at.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon Jul 24, 07:26:00 PM GMT+3  

Yes, it's the gays' fault that all this bad stuff happens to Israel. Just like somoene in the 1930s thought that it was the Jews' fault that all this bad stuff was happening to Germany.

You're pathetic. Either that or severely brainwashed. If you actually have any doubts regarding the crazy assertion by those so called rabbis (which you do, since you actually consider the possiblity that they are right), than you should seek medical help immediately. Here in America we also had people claim that 9/11 happened in part because of our tolerance for homesexuals. We call such people crazy, to say the least.

By Anonymous Zim, at Tue Jul 25, 06:13:00 AM GMT+3  

I am actually pleasantly surprised that my blog attracts so many who are in favor of an "alternative lifestyle" - who would have thought...

To all those who are so sure of themselves that there can be absolutley, positvely no connection between the Gay Pride parade and recent tragedies befalling the Jewish State - I can only assume that you do not beleive in G-d, nor his Torah.

That is not to tsay, as I said in the post, that I am 100% sure of any connection, however, I do believe that there are consequences, whether good or bad, for every action. I do believe that G-d runs this world based on justice (even if we do not understand each one of His decisions), and it can't be argued that the homosexual lifestyle is something that is spoken about in very troubling terms (for which there are grave consequences)...

So, perhaps ll of the "rabbis" are crazy for believing in G-d - for believing that He actually caresd about what we do in this world - as opposed to others who seem to prefer a hedonistic way of life, where there are no consequences for any actions - where each may do as he pleases...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Tue Jul 25, 07:09:00 AM GMT+3  


nobody is crazy for believing in G-d and just because someone is ok with homosexuals, that does not in any way imply that they do not believe in G-d. I'm obviously not Jewish, and even though I am ok with homosexuals, I do believe in God. The difference is that I don't claim to know what God might think about this or that contemporary social issue. Trying to apply thousands of years old social rules to modern societies does not produce good results - just look at how homosexials and women are treated in many parts of the Muslim world, if you want to see an example.

In any case, if those rabbis are so sure that G-d is not ok with homosexuals (and punishes societeies which are), how come they don't bother to enforce all the OTHER rules in the old testament/torah, for example, ones regarding treatment of women? You can't just pick and choose.

By the way, the poster that wants to stone homosexuals is not much different from the Nazis or Iranian authorities for that matter.

By Anonymous Zim, at Tue Jul 25, 07:24:00 AM GMT+3  

Well, I am not Jewish. I am quite Christian and fully American, and I believe that G-d does not change, like his word says. If homosexuality was detestable when the word was penned, it is detestable today. I didn't get the memo where G-d decreed tolerance now, for things detestable then. I like the stoning idea.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Thu Jul 27, 02:36:00 AM GMT+3  

And here we are yet again, Ze'ev!

FYI, to add to what H told you, the ONLY THING that isn't now happening this year is the actual Parade itself- ie, the walking around, which required the police permit. Many visitors will still be coming from all over the world. And all the planned activities are still going ahead, including a big (stationary) demo in Town. So, see you all there, bigots- I'm sure you want to pick up your 20,000 NIS reward! (Or is it less if you stab a sympathiser as opposed to an "actual gay"? Who knows, maybe it is more?)

Anyway- I wouldn't crow victory just yet. Lets see what happens at the parade, shall we? Maybe Hashem will come down from heaven in a chariot and smite us all. Or maybe He will smite those full of hatred who claim to act in His name. Or maybe He's too busy mourning His chosen people who are too busy hating each other to remember how to be good Jews. Something to think about next week...

Shabbat Shalom.

By Blogger tafka PP, at Fri Jul 28, 12:39:00 PM GMT+3  

Hey PP, it's been a while. Nice yto see you again.

Perhaps you can explain something to me.

Why is it that b/c someone is opposed to the Gay Pride parade, it means that they either hate Jews, or that they are in favor of physical violence against those who plan ot take part in the Gay Pride fesitivites?

Why is it wrong for someone to beleive that the Gay Pride parade is just wrong - b/c G-d said so in the Torah. Does that make someone a religious fanatic or fundementalist?

Does it make someone a bad person if they are not willing to accept a secular, ultra liberal worldview?

Does it make someone insensitive b/c they believe that the Gay Pride parade represents something very bad, and they dont want it anywhere near them - and certainly not i nthe holiest city in the world?

I am very much against the parade (and its other fesitivities), however, as I am sure you know, I am not in favor of violence against those who are. I do beleive that everyone will be held accountable for their actions, and at some point in time, whether in this world, or the next, we will all have to answer for them.

But, throughout Jewish history, it is clear that the actions of a particular groups within Jewish society can have dramatic consequences for everyone else. We are one people, and we are judged accordingly. Judiasm is not about a "live and let live" attitude, but about trying ot create an ideal society, based on Torah, through wihich the name of Hashem can be sanctified - and frankly, this parade is not that.

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Fri Jul 28, 01:51:00 PM GMT+3  

Hi Ze'ev,

"G-d" doesn't say anything about Gay Pride parades in the Torah. The Torah tells us that it is an abomination if a man lies with a man as he would with a woman. No mention of Parades or lifestyles.

The judgement - and believing that something is "very bad" is one which men have come to on their own via their own choices of interpretation: The Torah contains far more specific issurim on all kinds of things, with punishments of how to deal with them, yet this issue causes the biggest stink year in year out- And we know EXACTLY why it makes people uncomfortable, and let's be 100% honest here, it is nothing to do with what is written in the Torah.

I know you aren't in favour of violence. But other people are and it is important to acknowledge this.

- And have you seen "Trembling Before G-d" yet? I think, being as this topic is a recurring one on your blog, you should go rent it (after the 9 days, of course).

By Anonymous PP, at Sun Jul 30, 11:32:00 PM GMT+3  

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