Sunday, April 23, 2006

Jews out; Arabs in

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. Over the last ten days, I have been in Zichron Ya'akov, Haifa, Be'er Sheva and Beit Shemesh. Now that I am home, with Peasach and the elections behind us, I hope to get back into the swing of things.


Officially, the motivation behind Ariel Sharon's expulsion of over ten thousand Jews from their homes and the destruction of entire Jewish communities within the Gaza Strip and northern Samaria is the same one driving Ehud Olmert's planned expulsion of nearly one hundred thousand Jews and the destruction of dozens of Jewish communities throughout the Land of Israel.

One would think, Israel being a Jewish State, that the expulsion of Jews from their homes would be a red line not ever to be crossed (or even contemplated), and that every possible effort would be made to find a different solution to overcome the demographic threat.

Yet, we find, that there are those in the government of the State of Israel, the Supreme Court and Israel's media who view things quite differently, and who view the expulsion of Jews, not only as a viable and acceptable option, but as the ideal option.

Mazuz orders probe into Herut's Kleiner for incitement to racism
Attorney General Menachem Mazuz ordered a criminal investigation Monday into former MK Michael Kleiner and his Herut party for suspected incitement to racism due to motifs in their campaign posters for the recent elections.

The party put up advertisements on the sides of public buses depicting an Arab woman wrapped in a traditional veil with a caption that read, "this demographic (threat) will poison us."

An anti-racist organization filed a complaint with Justice Dorit Beinish, chairman of the Central Elections Committee, who relayed the complaint to Mazuz.

According to Mazuz, the picture and caption are "clearly directed against the Israeli Arab population, thus raising a real concern that a crime of incitement to racism has been committed."
It is no secret that the demographic threat that the Jewish State of Israel is faced with is not one that can be solved by simply "disengaging" from Judea and Samaria, nor by "converging" the Jewish State into the pre-1967 borders. The true demographic threat against the Jewish State of Israel, as can be seen from the State of Israel's Central Bureau of Statistics, is in fact the over 1 million Arabs who posses Israeli citizenship.

It seems that in the eyes of "the powers that be" in the State of Israel, any solution to the demographic threat facing the Jewish State that would involve taking steps in the direction of encouraging Arabs with Israeli citizenship to emigrate is racist and therefore illegal, thus leaving as the only acceptable (and legal) solution, in the eyes of the "powers that be", the expulsion of Jews from their homes and the destruction of entire Jewish communities in the Land of Israel.

For 2,000 years - during the long, bitter night of the Exile - the Jewish People hope, yearned, dreamed and prayed to return to their ancient and eternal Homeland; the one true place in the world where they could live freely and proudly as Jews; the only place in the world where the Jewish People, as a nation, could fulfill their mission in this world.

Since (and immediately prior to) the re-establishment of the State of Israel, the Jews made the desert bloom, ingathered Exiles from the four corners of the Earth, established a military force whose accomplishments are unrivaled by any nation in the world, and have restored the Land of Israel as the center for world Jewry and Torah study - all consistent with the vision of our Prophets.

The one major hurdle that remains for the Jewish People in the Land of Israel to overcome is the appointment of leaders and judges who share the eternal dream of the Jewish People – the establishment of a truly Jewish State in the Land of Israel; a state that, under proper leadership and guidance, will serve as a "Light unto the Nations" and sanctify the name of G-d throughout the world.

Current government officials (whether elected or appointed) need not apply.


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