Friday, April 14, 2006

Only on E-Bay - Part 2

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Where there's a Halachic will, there's a technological way...

The following item was recently sold on ebay:


Buy my genuine chametz for a week. You will be getting my chametz for a week – it is sold as is – some of it is brand new but most of it is in crumbs and has been lying around on the floor for up to a year. I need to sell it for Pesach.

This is a lease only - I will not actually send any chametz to you - if you insist I can send a sample box of selected chametz – shipping in the US only 15.00$ flat rate.

Believe it or not, the chametz was sold for $255. Yet, based on the types of questions that bidders (and potential bidders) were asking, - there were 35 bids in total - I would be surprised if any of the bids were made by non-Jews (which would be required for the sale to be valid).



Why wouldn't the sale be valid? There is nothing in halacha that says that you can't sell chametz to another Jew the week before Pesach. All it does it make it the responsibility of the purchaser to get rid of said chametz before Pesach in order to avoid the issurim of bal yira'eh and bal yimatzeih. (Right?)

By Anonymous Yaakov, at Fri Apr 14, 05:45:00 PM GMT+3  

Well... technically you're right, but at some point dow nthe line, a non-Jew would need ot by the chametz, otherwise a jew is going ot be left holding the bag (of chametz) over Peasach.

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Sat Apr 15, 10:19:00 PM GMT+3  

...and they say that we jews are nit-picking and legalistic!
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By Blogger Yaakov Kirschen, at Mon Apr 17, 04:36:00 PM GMT+3  

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