Sunday, December 11, 2005

Revisionist History in Iran

Give the man credit.

After his call for the Jewish State of Israel to be "wiped off the map" was met with less than rave reviews, Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has come up with a new idea:

Iran's Ahmadinejad says Israel should be moved to Europe
If Germany and Austria feel responsible for massacring Jews during World War II, a state of Israel should be established on their soil.

"Why did you come to give a piece of Islamic land and the territory of the Palestinian people to them?

"You oppressed them, so give a part of Europe to the Zionist regime so they can establish any government they want. We would support it..."

"Why do they insist on imposing themselves on other powers and creating a tumor so there is always tension and conflict?"

I must admit that I can't help but admire this man. How often is it that you find a politician who is both so open and honest? I don't doubt for a moment that there are many, both in the Arab and Western world who would love nothing more than to see Israel disappear, but he actually has the courage to say it, and try to do something about it.

Putting that behind us, there are a number of flaws in Ahmadinejad's arguments:

1) There has never been any such entity known as the "Palestinian" people.

Furthermore, the origin of the name Palestine has nothing to do with the Arabs / Muslims.

2) The League of Nations, predecessor to the United Nations, decided in 1922 (15 years before the Shoah) in favor of the creation of a Jewish National Home in Palestine, and gave Britain the authority to implement this ruling (binding as international law), which became known as the British / Palestine mandate.

3) The right of the Jewish People to a Jewish State in the Land of Israel is not conditional upon the sympathy or agreement of the nations of the world.

The Land of Israel was promised / given to the Jewish People by G-d, and throughout the 2,000 years of forced Exile from their Homeland, the Jewish People never ceased in their collective will to return. The return of the Jewish People to the Land of Israel is merely the reassertion of their historic right.

The Jewish People were not merely seeking a land to call their own, but to return to the one land promised to them by G-d, to return to the land where their religious, historic and cultural roots are found.

4) If the Iranian President is serious about his idea of moving the Jewish State of Israel to a region outside of the Middle East, he should know better than to suggest a return to Europe.

I believe that his idea would be much more widely received, especially by Jews, if he suggested the creation of a Jewish State in Brooklyn, Teaneck, Riverdale and the Five Towns...

(Hat Tip: Jameet at The Muqata & Don from On the Contrary))


I laughed when the link that you linked to was - truly objective sources.

Talking of which, I have often ridiculed your use of Arutz 7 as a news source because it is essentially a propaganda mouthpiece for the settler movement. But little did I know that the americans who run it don't even know Ivritv (this is really relevant to the Red Cross piece you did before):

"The new decision was a compromise between a long-standing Israeli demand to use its Red Star of David (the literal translation of Magen David Adom), and the objections of the Arab countries."

So Arutz 7 doesn't know that Magen means Shield and not Star!


By Anonymous H, at Sun Dec 11, 09:36:00 AM GMT+2  

Haim, I forgot, in your world, any source that isn't either Ha'aretz or Al Jazeera is not a reliable news source...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Sun Dec 11, 10:49:00 AM GMT+2  

You constantly try to confuse the world of fact with the world of hate.

By Anonymous Hillel, at Sun Dec 11, 08:01:00 PM GMT+2  

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