Friday, December 23, 2005

Brotherly love...

I am often times outspoken regarding the many challenges (not problems) facing the Jewish People and State, offering a critical outlook on Israeli society, and the values that it represents and promotes.

However, I must apologize if I have given my readers the impression that there are only faults to be found within Israeli society, because, in reality, nothing could be further from the truth. There are countless special things that take place everyday here in Israel, and while I believe that it is of the utmost importance to highlight the challenges we face here, as we can't hope to overcome them if we are not aware of them, but at the same time, that should not come at the expense of highlighting all the good that takes place here.

In that spirit...

Israeli rescuers to search for four missing travelers in Chile
An Israeli search-and-rescue team was set to reach Chile on Friday in an effort to find four Israelis who went missing during a trek in the center of the country, Israel Radio reported.

The four were traveling in the Villa Rica national park, but have not made contact with their families since beginning their trek there last week. They had been planning to reach a hotel Sunday.

Local rescue forces have been searching for the Israelis, to no avail, the radio said.

Can you think of any other country in the world that would go to such great lengths to find a couple of their backpackers who got lost in some other country?

You go hiking, you get lost. It happens. You wouldn't expect your home country, thousands of miles away to be overly concerned about it, especially when it has more pressing issues to deal with...

That's the special thing about Israel. Even complete strangers are family. People care about each other, always offering unsolicited advice, helping each other out...

There's nowhere else quite like it.

Only in Israel... the country of brotherly love.


Brotherly love is truly one of judaism's greatest qualities. I heard once that one of the reasons that Jews use to be merchants travelling from place to place all the time was because Jews could find foreign Jews who would let them into their houses to stay while they were travelling. This made it easier since they wouldn't need to alwyas worry about getting robbed at the local inn or by having to stay out in the forest over night.

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