Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Chance for True Peace...

Some of the readers of this blog may have the impression that I am against peace with the Arabs. I want to make it clear that nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps the confusion arises from the fact that I may have a different vision of peace and what must be done to attain it than those who define themselves as being in the "Peace Camp" and who advocated peace initiatives the likes of the Oslo Accords and the "Disengagement" plan that have failed to provide either peace or security.

As such, I have decided to launch my own peace movement, to be known as YAMAH or “To the Sea” in the hopes of bringing the Jewish - Muslim / Arab conflict to an end.

YAMAH believes in the following principles:

YAMAH believes that up until now, the basic premise guiding each of the failed attempts at peace has been the flawed assumption of the willingness of the Muslim / Arab nations to accept a Jewish State in the Middle East. The very presence of a Jewish State (of any size) in the Middle East serves as a provocation. The existence of Israel represents a collective badge of shame to the Arab states and the Nation of Islam, as a whole.

YAMAH believes that it is a natural response of the Muslim / Arab states, in trying to rectify such a gross injustice, to do so through any means possible. Whether through war, terror, boycotts, incitement, or the exploitation of natural resources to bring about world pressure on Israel, all means of fighting this grievance are to be expected and accepted as being legitimate means to right a historic wrong.

YAMAH believes that it is we, the Jews, who are truly responsible for the Jewish - Arab / Muslim conflict and all of the blood that has been shed throughout it, be it Jewish or Arab / Muslim. Giving away significant areas of territory to the "Palestinians" in an attempt to appease the Muslim / Arab world will not work, as even a small Jewish State in the Middle East represents a gross injustice. For the Jewish People to think that they can buy off the Muslim / Arab nations and cause them to forget their sense of dignity is shameful and perhaps even racist.

YAMAH calls for the Jewish citizens of the State of Israel to mobilize and willingly march themselves into the sea. Only in this way can a peaceful resolution be brought to the Muslim / Arab - Jewish conflict and for all of the bloodshed to be brought to an end. One of the names of G-d is Shalom, and we are taught to be like Aharon the Kohen – “to be a lover of peace and to pursue it”, and it is based on this central tenet of Judaism that YAMAH make its call. No doubt, this won’t be easy, but for true peace one must be willing to make painful sacrifices.

YAMAH calls on the Arab states and the Nation of Islam, in a gesture of goodwill, to support this initiative, to crack down on any extremists opposed to it, and to begin educating their people, in Arabic, towards the importance of such an action.

YAMAH – “To the Sea” – For true peace – it’s our only hope!


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