Sunday, December 11, 2005

BREAKING NEWS: Look who's joining the party... - Part 2

According to Israel Radio, Shaul Mofaz, who, in his duties as Defense Minster can boast not only of his inability to end the terror war against the Jewish State (or his unwillingness to allow the IDF to do so), but of his full participation in the planning and implementation of the expulsion of thousands of Jews from their homes, has announced that he is dropping out the race to head the Likud and is joining Ariel Sharon's Kadima party.

I am eager to hear the reason that he will give for leaving the Likud at this point (of course, the real one being his wanting to maintain his hold on political power), as opposed to having joined Kadima from the outset? (I wonder if it could have anything to do with his getting trounced in the Likud polls, being expected to finish 4th out of the 5 candidates).

I doubt that his reason will be able to top the one given by Tzachi HaNegbi, who stated that he left Likud to join Ariel Sharon and Kadima (Courtesy of IMRA):
...because of Sharon's "personality" rather than his "ideology".

Perhaps Mofaz is joining Kadima because he likes the way Sharon dresses? Or is it because he likes Sharon's cooking? His sense of humor, maybe?


I think it's his manly physique

By Anonymous Strong Bad, at Sun Dec 11, 09:23:00 PM GMT+2  

reminds me of a joke, in which a man on Titanic prays to G-d, "Don't let the ship perish, if not for my own sake, then for the sake of the innocent passengers!" to which G-d replies, "Do you know how long I waited to gather you all on this ship?"

By Blogger GregoryT, at Mon Dec 12, 05:58:00 PM GMT+2  

Greg- great joke...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon Dec 12, 07:54:00 PM GMT+2  

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