Friday, November 18, 2005

Peace Process Update: "Let's Give them Bullets..."

It amazes me how the ruling elites in Israel just never learn. The last two weeks we have been inundated about remembering the life of Yitzchak Rabin. One of the first things that comes to mind when I think of Rabin is the absolute insanity of his decision to give the PLO Arabs weapons, as thousands of Jewish lives have been destroyed (directly or indirectly) through this immoral decision.

Sadly, that idea didn't seem to get much air time at the ceremonies or in the press, and as such, one can't be surprised to see that Israel's ruling elites are following in Rabin's footsteps (courtesy of Yediot Achronot):
A delivery of 500,000 rifle bullets is expected to reach the Gaza strip in the coming days, perhaps even as soon as Thursday, through the Rafah border crossing, Palestinian sources have told Ynet.

The bullets, which will be shipped from Egypt, are intended for use by the Palestinian police. Israel has already given its permission to the transport, on condition that the bullets are used solely by the Palestinian Authority, and not by any other armed factions.

IMRA points out the absurdity of Israel allowing this shipment of bullets into Gaza:
Since the PA plans to put the members of the various terrorist groups on the PA payroll - and this as intact units - DM (Defense Minister) Mofaz's restriction, if honored, would mean that terrorist groups only get the bullets if they agreed to also draw a salary from the PA.

Let's see how these decisions by the Government of Israel rank on theOslo scale, which rates the insanity of Israel's policy decisions as they relate to the PLO and the security of the Jewish State:

* Giving the PLO bullets: 9 (at least they're not giving them guns)

* Allowing the EU to control the border crossings: 8 (It could've been worse, at least it's not Iran controlling the border).

* Israel's believing that the bullets will only be used by the PLO police force - for the purpose of strengthening the PLO's security system's ability "to fight anarchy and enforce law and order in Gaza": PRICELESS


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