Sunday, October 16, 2005

The Failure of Secular Zionism - Part II: Look Who's Not Serving...

I recently posted about the failure of secular Zionism, as it relates to the sky-high crime rate in the State of Israel. I argued that this is a direct result of a lack of Jewish education and values in Israel, and that only by overhauling the education system and culture that Israel promotes can we hope for a change.

Well, if that post wasn't convincing enough, here's another.

In an article by Elyakim HaEtzni in Yediot Achronot we find the following (I strongly recommend reading the entire article):
Interior Minister Ophir Pines-Paz says the country must do some soul searching, and hopes the "Gaza pullout and the improved economic and security situations that will follow" will bring about a positive change.

But the ones leaving are not the poor and the elderly, but rather the young and ambitious. They are drawn by the allures of other countries, because the spiritual values that drew Jews to the Land of Israel are no longer enough to keep them here.

One must ask themselves the following question to truly understand what is happening here:

If one has a minimal connection (at best) to their Jewish identity and heritage, why should they stay in Israel and have to put up with the terror, the high taxes, corrupt government and army reserve duty? Why not go to a country where he won't have to worry about any of that?

The article continues:
Also this year, there has been a sharp rise in the number of youths avoiding military service. Overall, 12.5 percent of those legally required to serve were released for "psychological reasons."

Just as the émigrés, the shirkers do not come from the weaker sectors of society. Most are "good kids," and the IDF personnel branch is fully aware of the reason: "A loss of values in Israeli society. More and more soldiers are asking themselves 'what's in it (military service) for me,' rather than 'what can I contribute to the country.' "

Keep in mind here, that we are not talking about the Ultra-Orthodox not serving in the army, but the supposed best and brightest that the State of Israel has produced.

If the State of Israel can't rely on it's middle and upper class youth, then who can the State rely on to both defend it, as well as to lead it into the future? Those whom the State just expelled from their homes and those who identify with them?

Once again, as I see it, the only way to reverse this trend is to infuse the State of Israel with a Jewish identity that her youth will take pride in. An education system that will produce proud and knowledgeable Jews who will be willing to fight and contribute for the betterment of the State - the Jewish State.

Our greatest threat is not, and has never been the Arabs, but ourselves. We are the masters of our own fate and the controllers of our destiny. We merely must choose the path that we wish to follow. Do we wish to become a State like all others, and ultimately watch our best and brightest leave us for greener pastures, as Israel will always be a 2nd rate America in the material sense, or are we to be a Jewish State, a State with a sense of purpose and national mission, with a collective destiny for all her citizens?

The choice is ours, but as Rush said in the song Tom Sawyer:
If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.


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