Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Terror, Frustration and More Terror...

Perhaps, while watching the news, checking your e-mail, or listening to the radio, you may have heard that 4 Jews were killed yesterday in another terror attack against the Jewish People and State, this time in Netanya.

Granted, this attack may not have been on the scale of the bombings in London that took place last week - but, the impression I have gotten, both from people in Israel and abroad (and if one takes a look at various Israeli news websites or Israel / Jewish related blogs) no one is really talking about it.

After all, it was only 4 Jews who were killed (and dozens wounded) for having committed the crime of taking part in the fulfillment of the dream and destiny of the Jewish People, namely livings as Jews in our eternal Homeland.

Now, I don't expect the world to care, because we're talking about Israel and Jews, and therefore we probably did something to deserve it, in their eyes. But what is our excuse, as Jews, for not caring? Where is the outcry? Where is the pain? Are our lives even the slightest bit different today than the day before, or have we come to accept Jews being murdered in the Land of Israel as natural and acceptable, and nothing to get all worked up over (unless of course, at least 15 Jews are killed in a single attack...).

I am not saying not to feel compassion for the people who were affected, either directly or indirectly in the London bombings, but above all else, we must remember that we are Jews, that we are family, and if we don't look out for each other and cry out in pain when other Jews are suffering, than there is something terribly wrong with us. It doesn’t matter whether one lives in New York, London, Paris, Sydney or Jerusalem, the suffering of the Jewish People in one area should cause Jews everywhere to feel pain and want ot help alleviate the suffering by any means possible. That's what family is all about.

Food for thought.


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