Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Israel, Weather, and the Half-Full Glass...

This morning, as I was listening to the radio, the radio show host started discussing today's weather. Now, living in Israel, and it being mid July, there isn't much doubt as to what the weather will be - after all, there are only two choices: hot & hotter.

The radio show host had a rather interesting perspective on the weather here. He was bothered that in one of the Israeli newspapers it was talking about how while yesterday was hot, today is going to be even hotter, and that it's not worth going outdoors.

The host asked why the paper couldn't just say that it was going to be hot today - why did it have to put today's weather in a negative context, as compared to the weather of the day before?

I believe that he has an excellent point. Today's media, both in Israel and the world are built on negative energy. Sensationalism. They seek out stories whose goal is to shock, scare and otherwise dampen the mood of just about any happy and healthy person. Yet, it bothers me even more when I see it happen here in Israel. There are just so many great things happening here in Israel (which I will discuss in posts later today), but that more often than not, don't get covered. Even more than that, when all one hears on the news are negative reports, it kills the spirit of the society.

In Israel, we could use a healthy dose of some optimism and positivity - after all, the Jewish People have come home, yes, we do have our challenges, but that's the beauty of living here - we're part of an ongoing process - the process of the redemption of the Jewish People - and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

So, for today's weather, yeah, it's hot, but I heard it was raining the other day in NY!


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