Monday, July 11, 2005

Quote of the Day... 4th of Tammuz / 11th of July

"Nadia and I wrote separate but like-minded open letters to Yonatan Bassi, head of the Disengagement Authority. We both called upon Bassi to give up his immoral position as head of the Authority and implored him not to become the chief liquidator of Jewish homes and communities in Israel. It is ironic: Nadia is now being interrogated, threatened with indictment, and intimidated by the possibility of unlimited administrative detention for writing her letter to Bassi. I, on the other hand, sitting here in an American prison, have suffered no repercussions. My right to freedom of speech is guaranteed. Nadia's is not."

- Jonathan Pollard, who on November 21, 2004 entered his 20th year of a life sentence for his activities on behalf of Israel, responding to the Israeli government's attempt to strip Nadia Matar, Founder of Women in Green, of her right to Freedom of Speech for comments made against the "Disengagement" plan, and those who are assiting to implement it.

Full article: Pollard: The Case Against Nadia Matar


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