Thursday, July 07, 2005

"A Jew Loves a Jew" / "Yehudi Oheiv Yehudi"

Over the last week, the Israeli public, (both right and left, religious and secular) fueled by the media reports, has been in an uproar over the alleged "lynching" and "stoning" of an Arab boy from Muassi, by religious, Jewish youth.

Yet, it seems that there is more to this than meets the eye. I urge everyone to check out the full posting from the blog 'Disengagement', entitled: "Posing for Pictures" where they can find the background, as well as the recent disturbing discoveries, relating to the incident in question.

Assuming that the accusations made against the media and government, as to the way the incident has been portrayed, are in fact true, then that brings to light 2 particularly troubling thoughts:

1) That Ariel Sharon (and his protectors in the media) are willing to spare no price to ensure that the "Disengagement" plan in carried out. (This was obvious even before this incident).

2) That the Israeli establishment is prepared to incite the general public against a particular segment of the population to achieve a political end, in this case, the sector being those opposed to the "Disengagement" in general, and the religious, right-wing sector in particular.

I view this as being particularly criminal, as there is already enough tension between religious and secular Jews in Israel, and any future that we are going to have here is dependant on the unity of the Jewish People. To needlessly create hatred amongst the Jewish People in unforgivable.

There has been much talk over the possibility of a civil war in Israel, as a result of the "Disengagement" being carried out to fruition. Personally, I don't foresee that happening, but I do believe that it is incumbent upon every Jew, whether right or left, religious or secular, who believes in the shared destiny of the Jewish People in the Land of Israel and wants to work towards unifying the Jewish People to adopt the slogan: Yehudi oheiv Yehudi - A Jew loves a Jew.

I don't expect this slogan to become a bracelet, but it is something that we should be keeping in mind during this difficult time period.

I am very much against the "Disengagement" plan. I don't believe that it is consistent with Jewish values / traditions, I don't believe it will provide security, and I believe that the way this plan has been pushed through has made a mockery of our governmental system. However, all that being said, I do recognize that whatever happens this summer, the day after, we will still need to live together as a nation. If we can't discuss our differences with our fellow Jewish brothers and sisters in a way that will bring about a sense of Jewish unity (if not agreement on the various issues) then we are in trouble - whether or not "Disengagement" happens.

Neither the religious nor the secular Jews in Israel can afford to break its ties with the other. Whether we like it or not, or fate and future in the Land of Israel is entwined with the other.

That being the case, as I see it, it is incumbent upon us to take the following two steps:

1) In relation to the event discussed above, the public needs to make it clear that it does not and will not accept the government or media inciting Jews against Jews.

2) In all of our interactions with our fellow Jews, whether in dealing with 'Disengagement" or any other issue, we must keep in mind that we are all brothers and sisters, and while we may have differences of opinion, we are still family, and regardless of what happens, we are going to have to learn to live together. As history has taught us time and again, in times of trouble, the Jewish People only have two things that they can rely on: 1)Hashem, 2) Each other.

If we can accomplish the above, we will merit seeing the fulfillment of the verse: "Who is like Israel, one nation in the Land".


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