Sunday, July 10, 2005

Terror and the West: Will They Ever Learn?

I must admit, that since the bombings this past week in London, I have felt very conflicted. Of course, my heart and prayers go out to all those who were affected (directly or indirectly) in the heinous acts of terror. Yet, at the same time, I have found it difficult to feel sorry for the British nation on the whole.

On the blog "Elder of Ziyon", one finds an eye-opening piece entitled: UK-Sun: Israel not victim of Islamic terror , which shows how the world continues to turn a blind eye towards the countless acts Islamic terrorism against the Jewish State.

As I see it, so long as the Western world continues to view the acts of terror committed against the Jewish State as being borderline legitimate, the world will continue to suffer from the specter of Islamic terror. When Tony Blain and the G8 announce almost immediately after the London bombings that they will be giving the "Palestinians" an additional $3 billion in aid (after the EU has come to realize that the vast majority of the billions of dollars that they have given the "Palestinians" in aid since Oslo have gone to 3 places: 1) Arafat's bank account, 2) Suha's bank account, 3) to fund terror attacks), only gives the terrorists one message - namely, terrorism pays.

The western world needs to choose between being "politically correct", and pursuing a morally clear and just policy Vis' a vis' Islam and all countries (and entities) that sponsor and harbor terrorists. Additionally, the western nations need to allow Israel (not that we need permission) to effectively deal with the plague Islamic terror that she has suffered from, as this will be the clearest message that the western world can give that they are serious about ending the Islamic terror threat once and for all.


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