Monday, July 25, 2005

The 7 Unconvincing Rationalizations of "Disengagement"-Minded People...

Can someone please remind me (or tell me, for the first time) why / how "Disengagement is good for us? ("Us" being the Jewish People, the Jewish State, and at the very least, the State of Israel...).

In an article entitled: King Arik and the 7 Excuses by Rabbi Yisrael Rosen, takes a look at the 7 different reasons people who support the "Disengagement" give, but how none really stack up (not to mention that we don't know which of them represents the true motivation of our esteemed leader, Prime Minister Sharon). (Another article which echoes the mystery behind the motivation for "Disengagement" is Disengagement is costing us by Eytan Bentsur).

Rabbi Rosen suggests we all try the following:
Let’s do a simple exercise. Ask your next door neighbor, or someone at work or just anyone on the street: what is the goal of the “disengagement” according to its supporters? Please explain!

You will receive a plethora of vague, stammering answers. Try and follow them as I grade them below, on a scale of “truth” value as I see it.

To see the "answers" given, you'll have to check out the article.

He Concludes:
In the Yeshiva world in which I grew up, there’s a common expression that many explanations generally points to a weakness in the argument. No explanation at all – only underscores that. But the law says that “a king will do as he will and there is none to check his hand”. (Maimonides, Laws of Kings 5:3).

But the end of that sentence is: “if that is what he needs to do”.

Even the all-powerful ruler has a duty to explain whether this is what “he needs to do”. If he doesn’t, then he shouldn’t complain about soldiers refusing orders or standing in his way, be it in small actions or in big.


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