Tuesday, July 19, 2005

WOW! I Must Be Dreaming... Ha'aretz Doing T'shuva?

I don't know what has come over Ha'aretz over the last 24 hours, but check out the following two articles:

The first, by columnist Danny Rubinstein, entitled: "On Second Thought" states, among other things:
"The argument for second thoughts stems from the events of recent days, which raise fears that a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza is causing serious security damage to Israel".

An article that I find to be even more amazing is an article entitled "Continuing the engagement process" by Nadav Shragai, another Ha'aretz regular. In a beautifully written article, this aside from the conclusion could have been written by the most ardent opponents of “Disengagement” and lovers of the Land and People of Israel, states:

In the middle of this crisis and harsh reality, many Gush Katif residents still find time for some self-examination regarding the sin of secluding and distancing themselves from other crises in Israeli society. At this time, many of them are still going door to door in a personal attempt to convince people to oppose the disengagement. They insist that the slogan, "With love we will triumph" is not just a marketing device, that only love (sometimes baseless love) and dialogue will lead to a renewed engagement, and that even if disengagement is the punishment, engagement is the correction.
"Everyone has his own engagement. Gush Katif residents see not just engagement with territory, but primarily engagement with a different spirit - a spirit of faith, with Jewish tradition, with a different type of relationship among individuals and between each person and his God."

Perhaps Ha’Aretz is choosing to re-engage with Ha'Am v'Ha'aretz? This is a land of miracles where stranger things have happened. Let's hope (and pray).


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