Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The 10 Commandments of... Zionism

I recently posted Sultan_Knish's satirical posting entitled: The 10 Commandments of Expulsion. In response, my good friend Haim, who is of the opposite political spectrum, but a lover of the Jewish People and an ardent Zionist all the same, came up with his own version of the 10 Commandments.

I wouldn't say that I agree with Haim's version, but I do know that I have gained a tremendous amount from my discussions with Haim regarding the future of the Jewish People, Jewish State and the purpose of Zionism today, and in that regard, I post this here.

Haim has informed me that he welcomes all comments, so feel free to respond directly to Haim.

10 Commandments of Zionism

1. I am Zionism Who brought you out of the lands of your exile, out of the bonds of slavery to foreign nations, to the ghetto and to your rabbi – to be a free people in your own land, with the ability, the right and the responsibility to make decisions for the good of the Jewish people.

2. You shall have no other G-d but the G-d of Israel. A G-d who commands you to be just, loving and caring to the non-Jew. You should never assume to know his thoughts nor should you claim in her name any travesty of justice or criminal act.

3. Your oath is sacred. Know the power of the words you speak and write and take responsibility for all that you say and is said in your name.

4. You shall honor your parents. You should remember that many genrations have died in exile so you could inherit this land – do not disgrace their memory by continuing the path of bloodshed so that more can die in this land. You should honour the leaders of this country. You must accept the decisions of the elected government of this country, for there is no other choice but chaos. You should honour the heritage of the pioneers who came before you – good, honest Zionists who recognised that the time has come to free the Jewish people from the bonds of a Galut mentality. Do not dishonour their memory or pretend to speak in the name of Zionism if you actually belong to a fanatical religious extremist grouping with no connection to original Zionism. Do all this so that you may live peacefully in your land with your neighbours.

5. Honour the Shabbat. Allow all the people of Israel freedom to rest. Recognise that each person may find rest in a different way. Do not enforce your version of Shabbat on others – allow them to choose how they wish to rest.

6. You shall not kill. Whether you believe this land is yours or not. Human life is a superior value than Land. You have no right to harm any human, Jew or non-Jew in pursuit of your own ideology.

7. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not claim loyalty to the ethos of Zionism while actively fighting against the principles of Jewish Democracy, of Jews as a free nation, of the right of the Jewish People to decide their own fate. You shall not return to a Galut mentality and understanding of Jewishness centered on Theocracy, while still pretending to be part of the Zionist movement.

8. You shall not steal the land of other people, whether you believe G-d promised it to you or not.

9. You shall not bear false witness. You shall not try and pretend that atrocities commited by members of your ideological camp were in fact not. You should not try and hide the crimes of your leaders. You shall not pretend that Yigal Amir was not acting on the orders of those above him. You shall not forget the crimes of Baruch Goldstein. You shall not pretend that a lynching is a blood libel. You shall not lie!!

10. You shall not covet that which is your neighbours – neither his home, nor his land, nor his Olive groves, nor anything that is your neighbours.


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