Sunday, July 17, 2005

"Disengagement", Pornography & Left-Wing Politics

(Breaking News: My colleague in the Jewish blogsphere "CosmicX" has pointed out to me that Biur Chametz scooped me on this story, so after reading mine, you can read his...)

As most are aware by now, there is an intense color war taking place in Israel surrounding Prime Minister Sharon's "Disengagement" plan. Those who are against the expulsion plan affix orange ribbons to their cars, bags... and those who are in favor affix blue ribbons.

My friend Yishai pointed out to me, over Shabbat, a little known fact about these blue ribbons... The Hebrew word for ribbon is seret, which also happens to mean film or movie in Hebrew. So in Hebrew, the way to say "blue ribbon" would be seret kachol (Kachol means blue in Hebrew).

Ironically enough, Israel, as is the case in Europe, refers to pornographic movies as "blue movies", which in Hebrew is, believe it or not, seret kachol!!!

Is it merely a coincidence that the symbol chosen by those who support the expulsion of Jews from their homes and the destruction of Jewish communities in Israel - the blue ribbon, and pornographic movies have the same name in Hebrew, namely seret kachol???

Could there be a connection of shared western, individualistic values between the two, as opposed to Jewish ones?


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