Tuesday, July 04, 2006

A Creative Solution to Qassam Rocket Attacks

It seems as if the government of the Jewish State has finally come up with the answer as to what to do about the daily barrage of Qassam rockets that are fired into the Jewish State. (As of Monday, 1,203 Qassam rockets had been fired into Sderot).

What's the magic solution?

The solution to the Qassam rocket problem is the same one that the government of Israel has come up with for nearly all its security related problems, namely, to build a wall, with which to hide behind, all the while failing to actually eliminate the source of the threat.

Rocket-proof wall a success

Security forces successfully tested a special wall designed to protect buildings from Qassam rockets on Thursday... A military source explained that the wall can be place at the front of the building and will repel a strike by a Qassam rocket...

Defense Minister Amir Peretz, who has dealing with the issue of protecting education institutions in Sderot, ordered the program to go ahead, and wants the city's schools to be fortified by the start of the next school year.

However, there are two problems with the above solution:

1) As mentioned above, this wall will not end the daily Qassam rocket attacks against the Jewish State, it will only help to protect schools from such attacks.

2) In light of above, this wall will do nothing to protect anyone who happens to not be inside a school during a Qassam rocket attack, leaving the majority of the population defenseless.

"Not every place can be protected with a concrete wall, but things can be done to minimize harm to civilians should a Qassam fall. We will continue to work in this direction and search for effective solutions," the source added.

It seems as if the government of Israel might be open to creative solutions as to how to best protect her citizens from Qassam rocket attacks (short of actually dealing with the problem itself, of course), and as such, I have decided to throw my hat into the ring and offer a solution of my own.

Since the government of the State of Israel is obsessed with building walls that they believe will provide security, I suggest that this "rocket-proof" wall be built right along the border of Gaza - straight up. This "rocket-proof" wall should be built high enough to ensure that no Qassam rocket will be able to fall within the borders of the Jewish State - hundreds of feet high, if need be.

Of course, this is not the ideal solution, which would be the elimination of those shooting the rockets, along with the infrastructure that provided them with the ability to do so, but short of that, I think that this solution has some potential.


I have a much better solution, and its guaranteed.

Listen carefully...since this is the key to Israel's security.

All we need to do...is remove the Jewish presence in Gaza -- remove all the Jews from Gush Katif, destroy the settlements of Kfar Darom and Netzarim...and then...I PROMISE YOU...everything will be fine.


It's THAT simple! No big fancy walls needed.

By Blogger Jameel @ The Muqata, at Wed Jul 05, 07:17:00 PM GMT+3  

Jammel, that's an awesome idea, but, get real, do you think the government would ever go for it?

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Wed Jul 05, 07:41:00 PM GMT+3  

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