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Still Waiting... The Kindness of Fools - Part II - B

I recently posted about a group of 30 intellectual & cultural elites within the State of Israel who wrote a letter to PM Olmert demanding that the IDF "provide the children of the village with full and proper protection which will guarantee these children travel to and from school in peace", and for the State of Israel to ensure their right to education in response to supposed attacks on Arab children by Jews in the Hebron region.

I highlighted the utter hypocrisy of these 30 Israeli elites, who only expressed concern for the rights of Arab children to travel to and from school in safety, while having, in the past, completely ignored attacks against Jewish children on their way to and from school, which unlike in the case of the Arab children, resulted in fatalities and serious casualties to the Jewish children.

In doing so, Purple Parrot took me to task (as can be seen in the comment section of the post) for unfairly judging these 30 elites. In response, I challenged Purple Parrot to show me an instance where these 30 elites had written a similar letter to the Prime Minister of Israel, or publicly condemned such attacks against Jewish children with the same conviction as they did the supposed attacks on the Arab students, and if she could do so, I would retract my words.

Well, G-d works in strange ways, and even though Purple Parrot has yet to provide any proof refuting my claims against these 30 elites, today's headlines have presented these 30 elites with yet another chance to prove that they don't care more about the rights of Arab children than they do Jewish ones, and another chance for Purple Parrot to make me eat my words.

Kassam rocket hits empty classroom in a Sderot school

A Qassam rocket landed in an empty classroom in a Sderot school on Sunday morning while students were in the synagogue reciting the morning prayers.

The classroom and the nearby restrooms sustained heavy damage.

In their letter to PM Olmert, these 30 Israeli elites wrote:

"The right to education is a basic human right and the State of Israel is responsible for its full protection. We demand the IDF be instructed to provide the children of the village with full and proper protection which will guarantee these children travel to and from school in peace. We call on law enforcement authorities to apply justice to the settlers from Maon and the outpost of Havat Maon, and not stand in the way of the activists aiding the children of the villages," continued the letter.

Let's see if these 30 elites call on the State of Israel and the IDF to "apply justice" against those threatening the "right to education" of the Jewish children of Sderot, and to ensure "the full and proper protection (of the Jewish children of Sderot) which will guarantee these children travel to and from school in peace".

Let's wait and see.



Your use of the term "elite" is incorrect. An elite, is not one person, generally.

As for your issue with PP, I am not going to go trawling the internet in hebrew to make PP's point for you. But I will bring you a personal testimony. While I was studying in London, Amos Oz (who I believe was on that list), came on a lecture tour selling his latest book (I believe it was the Same Sea). He had a very high profile interview with someone very high up, I forget now, but someone like Parkinson, or Paxman. Anyway - I was there for the interview and most of the questions were from Palestinians attacking him as an apologist for the Israeli occupation. Towards the end however, there were a series of questions from right wing Jews and one asked him specifically why he cares more for the blood shed by Arab children than that shed by Jewish chlidren. He replied that all bloodshed was awful - that he implored the Palestinian authority to live up to their responsibility to reign in terror (and he emphasised that he considered it terror) and that every Palestinian act against children (and citizens in general) should be condemned. He spoke fiercely about the right of children to grow up in peace.

So, I don't know what more you are looking for but I would say that answers your point.

By Anonymous H, at Sun May 21, 01:19:00 PM GMT+3  

Haim, taking your story about Amos Oz as being accurate, it still doesn't really compare.

It took, as you put it, a bunch of "right-wing Jews" goading him with a bunch of questions before he would come out with some type of generic all attacks against children are wrong.

SOunds kind of similar to when the PLO reps make statements after their terror attacks saying that they condemn all attacks against civilians...

Also, I hardly equate a statement made at some obscure Q & A session as being on par with a very public letter to the PM of the State of Israel...

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Sun May 21, 02:15:00 PM GMT+3  

Ze'ev, you are so very off base in trying to compare these situations: As I understood it, the writers of that letter were calling on the PM, as the commander of the Israeli army, to put a stop to certain actions *within his control*. This situation is out of his control, and no amount of letters/demonstrations are going to change that.

I stand by the fact that you were unreasonable in your original judgements of those who wrote the letter, in accusing them of caring more about Arabs than Jews: And following this latest attack, you still have no proof whatsoever to substantiate your claim. And further, I suspect that it would be irrelevant to you even if I could produce anything near the proof you demand: I doubt very much you will stop perceiving these and other people to care less about the Jewish State and the Jewish People than you do.

But thanks for the link! Shavua Tov.

By Blogger tafka PP, at Sun May 21, 03:06:00 PM GMT+3  

I think you should link this post to your previous one discussing the priorities of the various Israeli media organizations - most of whom did not feel the need to place today's news at the top of their headlines.

By Blogger Joe Settler, at Sun May 21, 04:40:00 PM GMT+3  

PP, why is it out of the control of the PM of Israel - as the "commander of the IDF" to deal wit hthe Qassam threat against the Jewish State? Why do we have an army if it is unable to eleiminate the threats against the Jewish State posed against our enemies?

2nd, I still don't understand why I am off-base. Is it so difficult to come up with an example of these 30 elites speaking out i na very clear, strong and public manner, as was the case with their letter, against Arab terror against the Jewish State, and in particular against Jewish children in school.

If they had never come out with the letter you might be right, but through this letter they have mad a very clear statement, and in doing so, they leave themselves open to questions as to why they only wrote a letter about defending the rights of Arab children andn ot Jewish ones.

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Sun May 21, 04:52:00 PM GMT+3  

Joe, here's the link:

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Sun May 21, 05:06:00 PM GMT+3  

Ze'ev, you are off base before you even begin: you simply cannot argue that a person who speaks out for Arab Human Rights is automatically prioritising those over Jewish ones. You have nevertheless chosen to interpret this case in that way, for the sake of your ongoing diatribe, it would seem.

In view of this, I do not see grounds for discussion on any of the matters you subsequently raise- they all have perfectly clear explanations. Therefore I have no recourse for debate with you here, sorry.

By Blogger tafka PP, at Sun May 21, 07:54:00 PM GMT+3  

PP, my issue is not that these 30 elites are speaking out in defense of Arab Human rights, my issue is that they are not consistent in their declarations.

They purport to believe in the universal Right to Education along with the ability for children to travel to and from school in safety.

That's great.

So, why is it then, if this is a universal right, that they are only vocal when ti comes to perceived infrignements on the rights of these Arab children?

Why is there not a letter today from these eleites calling on PM Olmert to ensure the safety of the children of Sderot?? Does the Right to Education not apply to them?

It's a matter of being consistent and balanced, and they are neither.

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon May 22, 11:26:00 AM GMT+3  

But Ze'ev, how do you know for sure that they haven't been vocal, but that it simply isn't newsworthy? People lobby the PM every day on such matters: But it is much more attention seeking for the news agencies to report more deviant steps like that (anti-settler) letter.

You are welcome to be angry with these people if it makes you feel better, but it doesn't change the fact that you don't actually have any *proof* that they are either inconsitent or unbalanced- only *assumptions*. And as in all the posts when mere assumptions underpin your writings, I can only make this point so many times on deaf ears, so I will exit this thread now. 'K?

By Blogger tafka PP, at Mon May 22, 12:40:00 PM GMT+3  


Your claim, and the comparison you are trying to make is ridiculous. The letter by these members of Israel's elite, as you are trying to paint them, was specifically asking the government to fulfil its duties as an occupying power. In terms of the kassamim falling on Sderot - do you genuinely believe that the Israeli government is doing nothing about that? Have you not noticed the fact that we send rockets into Gaza which have ten times the force of Kassamim, and we send over ten times as many as are fired at Israel? Not one fatality has occured through a direct rocket attack from Gaza, and yet dozens of Palestinians have died from our rocket attacks on Palestinian territory! Surely it is you, Ze'ev who are the hypocrite as you claim to adhere so strongly to the Torah, which when I last checked still had the mitzvah of treating the stranger with respect as its most occuring constant!


By Anonymous H, at Mon May 22, 12:43:00 PM GMT+3  

"which when I last checked still had the mitzvah of treating the stranger with respect as its most occuring constant"

Not the stranger/nation who is attacking you. There the mitzva is to wipe/kick him/them out.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at Mon May 22, 01:51:00 PM GMT+3  

Haim, 1st, I am going to have to agree with Anon on this point - these people are not the "stranger" to whom the Torah refers. The "Palestinians" are our enemy, and the Torah si very clear as tohow they should be dealt with.

When the Torah talks about the stranger, it is referring to one who has the status of a ger toshav, and who recognizes the sovreignty of the Jewish People over the Land of Israel. Very few Arabs meet that criteria today, and the ones that do, are welcome to live in peace with the Jewish People.

Haim, nowhere in the letter is there reference to "occupation", there is refernce to the universal right to education which they only seem to care about when it comes to the Arab children, andn ot the Jewish children.

And lastly, Qassam (and now Katusha) missles have been shot by the "Palestinians" in Gaza on a daily basis for over 4 years now. So no, I do not believe that the IDF is dealing with the issue.

Early warning systems are not an answer, and neither is shelling empty fields.

There is not a single other country in the world that would tolerate having its citizens live in fear of daily missle attacks...

It is immoral and unjust for the State of Israel to expect as much of its citizens.

By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon May 22, 04:51:00 PM GMT+3  


Terrorists are our enemies, not 'the Palestinians'

However you are making plenty of enemies for yourself picking on PP who is very nice and also knows what she is talking about!

By Anonymous DH, at Mon May 22, 08:12:00 PM GMT+3  

DH, thanks for the comment. In the future, if you could refrain from the profanity, it would be greatly appreciated.

I don't think I am picking on PP, and I don't think that PP thinks that I am picking on her. We happen to disagree on this issue, but I don't think that my linking to her blog constitues picking on her.

As for your last point, that the "terrorists" and not the "Palestinians" are in fact our enemy, I will refer you to both the Hamas Covenant and the PLO Charter, both which call for the destruction of the Jewish State of Israel - how peaceful...

PLO Charter:

Hamas Covenenat:


By Blogger Ze'ev, at Mon May 22, 09:16:00 PM GMT+3  

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